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My Tips | How to Achieve Healthier Skin

My Tips | How to Achieve Healthier Skin 


Today I'm going to share some things that I have discovered on tips and tricks for getting clearer skin. I have suffered from troubled skin since I was very young and I have used a lot of different types of skin care products in the past, and having fair skin that's sensitive, it's been hard believe me. Plus, living in Britain, the weather is never consistent, which my skin reacts to. For example one day it'll be scorching hot, making you get all hot and uncomfortable, then the next day it's tipping it down and is miserable; making you eat tonnes of unhealthy foods. Not good.
     So here's one thing that I avoid: junk food. When the weathers dull and miserable, I go in to lazy mode and before I know it I'm eating junk food in the dark sitting watching television, again. Not healthy at all. So my tip number one, avoid chocolate, it's evil I swear. When ever I eat chocolate, my skin instantly gets well... pretty bad and this happened a lot around Christmas and Easter when people give me lots of chocolate to devour. Limit the amount of chocolate products that you have can make a big difference.

As it's summer, I personally find that my fair skin tends to react to sudden changes in temperature and weather. So here is tip number two: when you're sat at home and your not actually going anywhere all day, don't wear make-up. Why? Because firstly despite the fact that make up is designed for you to perfect the look of your skin, it blocks up your pores quite a lot, especially if it's a full coverage foundation like my Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation (I still love this foundation though) or you have fairly oily skin like mine. Limit the amount of times that you wear a foundation like this to special occasions, going into town etc. Secondly make up is quite expensive, especially if it's one of the top brands, so you might as well save it and it saves you having to put effort in to purchasing more when it's gone.

Fourth tip, increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Although eating healthier isn't completely proven to vanish all your spots, as everyone is different and for some people breakouts can be caused by other factors; it will help with the healing process that your skin goes through when you have breakouts. Plus eating a healthy balanced diet is recommended because it's good for your health in general. Fruits like blueberries are great. They're full of vitamin C and have antioxidant properties, which is thought to strengthen your immune system and help repair tissue,  useful for when you get breakouts.

Now eating healthy is hard, and took me a while to get used to it when I was trying to improve my skin for prom, but it worked and the amount of breakouts that I had reduced. It turns out that I actually love blueberries and a fruit or berry mix with cream is so nice. It's easy to prepare and is delicious :) I commonly have grapes, strawberries, blueberries, apple, raspberries and blackberries with cream, a random mix but theses are some of my favourite fruits. Why not try out smoothies and pure fruit juices too, but not too many as excessive amounts are pretty bad for the enamel on your teeth and can stain them ( got this from my sister who's a dental nurse and is always nagging me about drinking too much fruit juice ). Try a smoothie three times a week for example and pure fruit juice like orange in the mornings. 

Sleep! Getting more hours of sleep at night and not staying up too late helps a lot. This is because when you have a lack of sleep, you can get easily stressed as your body works harder due to it having less energy. This is why you are also more likely to get colds etc with a bad sleeping routine as your body is stressed due to lack of sleep. Plus more sleep =happier you.

Drink more! Water is a good thing, it cleanses your body and removes  impurities and toxins from your body. If you don't like water like me (yes im unusual) try adding a bit of fruit juice to the water. Then when you drink it, it'll taste nice and you will actually be able to drink it and not feel sick (happens to me as I have never liked drinking water alone)

There you have it, a few of my tips about skin care that I personally find useful and worth a try :) Hope this was helpful.

Yours truly,

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