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Simple Revision Tips | Revising for Exams & Coping with Exam Pressure

Simple Revision Tips | Revising for Exams & Coping with Exam Stress

Every one experiences exams and exam pressure, but for those who haven't yet and soon will, it can be hard to know what to do and how to cope when it's so over whelming and new to you. I know this feeling, I've recently finished my GCSE exams this year, so thought I would share some simple tips and ideas on how to cope at this busy time of in your life.

So many subjects, so little time! My revision books for GCSE

When it comes to revision, everyone knows that it's not the best thing and most interesting way to spend your time on; it will be worth it. First things first though, make sure you have all the textbooks, resources and equipment that you need in order to revise fully and properly and be successful in your exams. No one likes to find out in the exam that they studied the wrong topics or sections or haven't got a calculator in the maths calculator exam. Ask your teachers to be sure you have all that you need and know what you need to revise and go out and buy any needed resources or equipment.

Time management is key when revising, create a revision timetable to help you, placing subjects that are vital to achieve a pass in more often, and optional subjects at other times. Ask a parent or friend to help you create a good revision timetable. Start your revision early, don't leave it to the last minute. I started my revision around early February, for my exams in May. Early I know, but I like to be organised and it did help when exams where two weeks away and I had finished my notes for some of my subjects.

One simple tip that I suggest using and trying out, is when revising move yourself away from any distractions. Turn off your laptop or  phone to stop yourself from getting distracted. After all, your friends will most likely be trying to and should be revising so it's less likely that you will get a text or notification on your phone informing you on something. This may sound easy, but I always have my phone on 24/7 and when revising I found it hard to ignore my phone's blinking light saying "pick me up, you've got a message" . I've even been forced to turn it off and put it in another room because I couldn't stop my self from going on it. Sad or what? 

Another tip I suggest is find out what method of revision suits you best. Some people prefer to listen to music whilst revising, though I get distracted and bless everyone in the house and around it with my terrible singing. Others prefer to revise in silence like me, as it makes it easier to concentrate and not get distracted. Highlighting key points, facts and information in text books or in your note book can help, as they allow you to pick out the key notes and remember them. Writing down notes from text books whilst revising can be useful, and this is my preferred method of revision.

Revision snacks and drinks to keep you going are a good idea. Whilst revising, it's important to eat the right foods and stay hydrated so that you can concentrate and stay focused for longer; therefore taking in important information that's vital for your exams. These snacks should be fairly healthy such as nuts and fruit, but you can treat yourself occasionally, like eating something sweet (Skittles the sweets are my favourite and you will always catch me eating them whilst revising) Drinks such as water to energy drinks are fine, as long as you don't drink too many high in sugar drinks, as these can damage your teeth and are generally extremely unhealthy. Have them as a reward every now and then. Don't go over board, have a variety of drinks, preferably hydrating ones such as water or high juice (if you don't like water alone like me) that requires water to be added. 

Last but not least, don't become a revision zombie. Go out with friends or simply your family for a few hours every so often. This is because you can't spend weeks and months never leaving the house, as you will soon get bored and this will distract you from revising and make it harder to revise. At the same time, don't spend every free day from school going out with friends especially if you're schools allowing study leave. In my case, I had to come into school to attend revision sessions until the next school term started where I would then be finishing off my exams.

A key piece of advice, stay positive. I struggled with maths in school and would always think negatively of myself, and this would show in my performance. Be positive say to yourself " You can do this, you've worked hard and deserve the grade you want. You can do this" it does help, especially in those exams that just seem so hard and impossible. I hope that these tips will help you as they've helped me and I wish you the best of luck for what you are revising. Good luck!

Yours truly,

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