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Ultimate Make Up Crush | Baked Eye Shadow

Ultimate Make Up Crush | Baked Eye Shadow 

Technic 'Bronzing Eyeshadows Baked Eyeshadow ' in
 'Frosted Rose' and 'Golden Bronze Baked Eye shadow'.
The image is taken in artificial lighting to show the shimmer and
satin effect they create even in a dark, night time environment. 


For this post, I thought I would share with all of you my one makeup product that I just can't not get enough of right now: baked eye shadow and the smokey eye look. When it comes to my favourite make up, I don't just mean big brands, oh no, I mean all the brands I have.
So for my baked eye shadow, this collection consists of many different brands that I discovered and now adore. If I love a make up product, I don't mind what brand it is, be it cheap or averagely priced, I'm willing to try it out and adopt it as my own; because I love to save money via the best deals and money saving includes trying new brands at more affordable prices.
Technic 'Bronzing Eyeshadows Baked Eyeshadow 'in
 'Frosted Rose' and 'Golden Bronze Baked Eye shadow'.
The image is taken in natural lighting to show
the shimmer and 
satin effect they create.

To  me, baked eye shadow is amazing. I love the look you can achieve with it and the consistency this eye shadow has with its satin-like effect when it catches in the light. Because it's baked, I find it tends to last longer, yet still looks fabulous on your eyes, meaning you can save on topping up your stash. Another great thing I find about baked eye shadow, is that due to this eye shadow being baked, it has more shimmer to it, making the coverage fuller on your eyelids. This in turn allows you to develop your look from pretty to glam, just by adding more baked shadow with the best results via dabbing and pressing the shadow gently onto the lids for a chick look. So let me introduce my most used baked shadows and their looks. I have incorporated images to show their consistency, some taken in the day with natural lighting to highlight the intensity of the pigment and satin-like shimmer, and images taken in artificial lighting to represent their satin effect and pigment in darker environments at night. 
Day: 'Golden Bronze Baked Eye shadow'.
Upper left: 'Copper Gold', upper right: 'Golden
Bronze', lower left: 'Frosted ivory', lower Right:

Baked eye shadow is my ultimate make up crush right now. When I'm getting ready for a night out, such as to a restaurant or occasion, I always turn to is my smokey eye silver look (yes I created the name myself because I think a commonly used look has to have an official name).
For the day, my first look I turn to is my most faithful 'Dark Bronze Baked Eye Shadow' set which I adore. This shadow is versatile (like other baked eye shadows) and can be paired with any normal pressed eye shadow, such as when I use my 'Golden Bronze Baked Eye Shadow' with my 'Silver Nude Pressed Shadow' from a long lasting palette of mine. This duo go hand-in-hand to achieve a subtly smokey look for the day, using 'Silver Nude' for the base and 'Golden Bronze' for the crease of the eye. 
Night: 'Golden Bronze Baked Eye shadow'.
Upper left: 'Copper Gold', upper right: 'Golden 
Bronze', lower left: 'Frosted ivory', lower Right: 
   At the night to achieve my second favourite look with these baked shadows, I use the dark smokey look, by adding 'Chocolate' to the look on my outer corner of the eyelid to create depth and make my eyes pop; highlighting my eyes with the 'Silver Nude' whilst giving off a dark smokey look with 'Golden Bronze' and 'Chocolate'. In my post, 🎃 🎀 Halloween Look | Broken Porcelain Doll 🎀 🎃 I used these shadows to create my look and illuminate my eyes, which you can see by clicking the link.  

My third favourite look, is a simple coat of my 'Golden Bronze Baked Eye Shadow'. I start on the outside of my eye lid and work my way in, building on the intensity of the shadow, adding more pigment to the crease of the eye and blending the shadow. My favourite part about this look is the way the shimmer in the eye shadow catches the light, highlighting your eyes and giving a soft glow along side the warm pigmentation which compliments my skin tone. An even better fact is that this eye shadow look takes minutes to perfect and just adds a little extra to your make up look. 

Day: Technic 'Bronzing Eyeshadows Baked Eyeshadow'
 palette in 'Frosted Rose' 

Finally, the last baked eye shadow that I will rant about, is my newly discovered 'Bronzing Eyeshadows Baked Eye Shadow' Palette from Technic. This palette was around £2.99 I believe and I came across it when Christmas shopping one day. Being the baked eye shadow addict that I am, especially a bronze coloured eye shadow lover, I snatched it up. I had been looking for a pinkish bronze baked shadow for a long time, so when I came across this palette I couldn't believe my luck. There were so many palettes to choose from, all with lush colours, but in the end I turned to this 'Bronzing Eyeshadows Baked Eye Shadow' palette in what I like to call 'Frosted Rose' because of the shimmer and pinkish undertones which I adore 
 Night: Technic 'Bronzing Eyeshadows
Baked Eyeshadow' palette in 'Frosted Rose'
   The palette consists of six shadows, all as individually gorgeous as one other, and all with a pinkish pigmented undertone to them. A great part is that not only was this brand cost effective, costing just £2.99 for baked bronze eye shadows, but it's against animal testing, unlike top brands such as 'Rimmel' and 'Maybelline'. This may come as an unexpected fact for some, as many people believe 'cheap' or cost- effective make up is of low quality and therefore bad morals; but in this case that stigma is wrong.

I am  ultimately in love with this 'Bronzing Eye Shadows Baked Eye Shadow' palette, even the way it looks is amazing, with the rose-silver pigmentation and effect it presents. When I got this palette home I loved it so much, I even said to myself "Ohh this palette is so bea" when testing a few shadows on my hand 😄  I am so excited to try this new palette, and see what new smokey eye looks I can concoct, and which of these are best suited to specific occasions. It's decided: this palette is a keeper. 
The back of the Technic 'Bronzing Eyeshadows Baked
Eyeshadow' palette. The small heart says 'Against Animal Testing'

So there are a few of my looks along side the baked shadows I use to create my most used looks; including the introduction to my newest ultimate makeup crush, the 'Bronzing Baked Eye Shadow' palette.  
   A thing I cannot get over about baked eye shadow, is that it has such an intense shimmer and allows you to create more depth than pressed shadows allow you to. This makes your look appear even more glamorous then it would be if using pressed eye shadow alone, and more chick than usual; a perfect way to make your look unique. 

Thank you for reading,

Yours truly,

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