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🎃 🎀 Halloween Look | Broken Porcelain Doll 🎀 🎃

🎃 🎀 Halloween Look | Broken Porcelain Doll 🎀 🎃

The final look: Broken Porcelain Doll


During the Halloween period, I can't help but take part in the fun and get creative with Halloween looks. Every year I enjoy the fact that no matter how unusual you look, it's acceptable because it's Halloween and everyone looks extremely different to their normal, human selves. And so I thought I'd share my Halloween look with you. 

This year, I dressed up at work to raise money for the children's charity the NSPCC, which my employer frequently supports all year round, and with the chance to show my creativity, I couldn't help but take part and become a broken Porcelain doll. 
   I just love the idea of a broken Porcelain doll and all its hidden meanings for Halloween. Think of the symbolic representation that's associated with dolls: the notion that they resemble childhood and joy, yet when broken, a doll can convey sense of a loss of freedom and hope a child may feel when their toy is broken. This is the basis for all films with creepy, haunted dolls; they symbolise a loss of childhood, broken dreams and lost joy. An example, Annabelle the possessed doll.... 

Make up used for the look
So with my love for horror films, and my interest in the hidden meanings and symbolic representations, I decided to get creative and become a broken Porcelain Doll for Halloween. The idea sprang to me when I was thinking of a Halloween look, and my idea for the broken Porcelain doll popped into my head. My design is my original idea and was created using just my ordinary things: make-up and my every day clothes. I personally prefer not to use expensive make-up for Halloween looks, as you cannot tell the difference and at Halloween the aim is to look as creepy as possible, even if your lipstick is cheap as you'll only be wearing it for a short period. Plus drawing on myself is a bit of a waste of make-up, so I tend leave big brands out of the picture, except for my everyday makeup which consists of brands such as Maybelline, Rimmel and Soap & Glory because I have no other make-up brands to use.
Silver Nude eye-shadow
     The images are from two occasions, my first practice so I could have time to take the images for you lovely people, and the others are from after I got back from work; as I had to set off at 9 for work so wouldn't of had enough time to take images of my look.

Firstly, for the look, I wore my White Long Sleeved Turtle Neck- my essential top for everything - my Black Dungaree Pinafore Dress and white shoes. I paired myself with an old teddy, that is conveniently broken at the back, to mimic the toys that dolls would come with, and give off a creepier vibe. 

Golden Bronze baked eye shadow
For my makeup, I put on my every day look: foundation, concealer, press powder and mascara. I then used a lot of pink blush for my cheeks to mimic the rosy cheeks dolls have, and smokey eye look to make my eyes pop using my frosted Silver Nude eye shadow, and Golden Bronze and Chocolate baked eye shadow. I followed this with my Avon Matte Lipstick in 'Peach Flatters' (which I have previously blogged about alongside other lipsticks: Favourite Lipstick Picks | Lipsticks I Couldn't Live Without) to achieve the heavy and bright lipstick dolls would have.

Chocolate baked eye shadow
I tied my hair into two messy pig tails, then left my fringe out at the front, to present the often childlike hairstyles that dolls would have. This look can also be with your hair down which I wore for work when I decided to leave my hair down for the day after it fell out. 

The finished look close up: Broken Porcelain Doll
To achieve the cracks on my hand and face, I used my Soap & Glory felt tip eyeliner pen and drew the cracks lightly onto my skin, filling in some parts to make it seem as though I was missing pieces. Soap & Glory is the only brand I own for eye liner, as I find it to be amazing because it doesn't smudge, lasts all day, and the felt tip is perfect for precision of make up. The trick with drawing the cracks is to make them as thin as possible and imagine your drawing what cracks on a delicate window would look like. I drew cracks on my right side of my face reaching from my jaw line to my temple, and a smaller one on my left side of my face by my jawline and cheek bone. I then dusted press powder lightly over the cracks on my face to help set the eye liner, and to gain depth of the cracks on my hand, I used ordinary eye shadows in jet black, grey and then white to go over the harsh black lines to give a blended effect, and complete my look. 🎃 🎀

Thank you for reading and happy Halloween,

Yours truly,


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