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Favourite Lipstick Picks | Lipsticks I Couldn't Live Without

Favourite Lipstick Picks | Lipsticks I Couldn't Live Without 

I am a lipstick kind of girl. No lip gloss, just classic lipstick. There's no other makeup type that I could never get enough of than lipstick. Matte lipstick or cream effect, I have them all. 
So here are a few of my favourite lipsticks and reviews on each.

There is nothing better than a smooth, glossy lipstick. A method I use to keep the glossy effect lasting with my lipstick, is to apply lip moisturiser/ lip balm to my lips to provide a smooth, hydrated base to evenly apply my lipstick to. Plus, because the base -my lips- is smooth and hydrated, it's easy to correct lipstick to ensure it looks great. 
Gosh, 'Shocking Coral'
Gosh 'Shocking Coral': A brand that I have read don't test on animals, Gosh is affordable and has multiple lipstick colours to choose from. I chose 'Shocking Coral' because I seem to have a thing about coral coloured lipsticks and I just love how there's so many different coral colours for each lipstick. I am not sure how much this cost. as I purchased it a while back but it was definitely under £7.00. 

Avon, 'Pink Pop'
Avon, 'Pink Pop': One of my all time favourites and I can honestly say the glossiest and creamiest lipstick without the thick glitter incorporated into the lipstick which I hate (as I'm one who's fussy about makeup not looking natural and looking over the top), this lipstick from Avon in 'Pink Pop' suits for everyday use without the harsh, false effect that some lipsticks and their colour can have; with its colour being near natural lip colour, it looks great no matter what you wear. As you can see, I've nearly finished this lipstick because I wear it so often.
Maybelline, 'More To Adore'
     I wore this lipstick to prom alongside my pale pink dress, and the lipstick did not contrast at all, adding to the look. I'm sad to say it's slowly running out and they don't have this lipstick any more :/ I received this lipstick in a Christmas goody bag from Avon given to me, so don't know it's price, but this lipstick is, by far, hands down the best lipstick I've ever had! Avon, I have found, have by far the best quality lipstick with the smoothest texture out of all the lipsticks from all the beauty brands I've tried and affordable for a great quality lipstick. I definitely recommend! :)  

Maybelline, 'More To Adore': Another lipstick that has a creamy, smooth texture to it, is Maybelline's 'Colour Sensational Lipstick',  'More To Adore'. The second creamiest of all lipsticks I have ever tried, this lipstick is more of a soft pink tone and has a texture that enables you to apply the lipstick smoothly and so evenly. Costing £6.99 this lipstick is worth it's price and another tone that is perfect for everyday use, without looking too bright or bold; something someone like me is unlikely to want to wear everyday.
Maybelline, Kate Moss, 'Rock 'N'
Roll Nude'

Maybelline Lasting Finish, Kate Moss, 'Rock 'N' Roll Nude': This lipstick is part of Kate Moss's "Favourite reds and nudes" selection of lipsticks from Maybelline's Kate Moss collection. I have been looking for a nude coloured lipstick that suits my pale skin tone, yet is smooth and glossy for a great look; and that won't dry up quickly. This lipstick is a lovely colour and there are two other nude shades to pick from. I purchased this lipstick alongside a 'buy one get one half price' offer and it cost me just £3.25 which is a great price for a big branded lipstick, originally costing £6.49; and I have to say I do love it :)  The shade, as it is said to be, looks natural like a nude lipstick, but has a pinker hue to it than other nude lipsticks meaning it adds a bit of colour to your look. It's definitely becoming a favourite of mine :) I would definitely recommend this for a nude,, natural-like effect lipstick :)

Matte Lipsticks:
Avon, 'Peach Flatters'
I love a good matte lipstick, but it has to be worth it's title, and not chip like poor quality matte lipsticks do or come off easily. The whole point of a matte lipstick is to give a matte effect, hence its name, and this can be hard to apply with dry lips for a dry-like feel lipstick. So with any matte lipstick I use lip moisturiser first to make sure the lipstick is easy to apply and will not tug at the lip, causing an uneven application of lipstick that can look pretty bad. This matte lipstick also lasts for hours, even when eating and drinking, the colour stays.  

Avon, 'Peach Flatters: I love this matte lipstick from Avon, called 'Peach flatters', on sale for £5.50 via their catelogue. The colour is similar to a fascia and has a slight brown hue to it to deepen the colour, similar to a berry colour, and to add, Avon don't test on animals. I can also say that I have found Avon's quality of lipstick to be the best out of all the lipsticks I have tried from a multitude of makeup brands. 
Revlon, 'Audacious

Revlon, 'Audacious': Another favourite matte lipstick, is 'Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm' in 'Audacious'. The lipstick is called a lip balm as it's in crayon form and it's colour is a coral colour which suits my skin tone a treat as I've pale skin. To add, I can get away with this colour as a near red lipstick, due to my pale skin tone and the lipsticks pigments, yet without the harsh contrast that red lipstick has against my pale skin. 

As you can see, these six lipsticks are my favourites, and are from various brands, with some brands occurring more because I love their products so much. There are some old and nearly all gone, and others new and already becoming a massive favourite of mine. I just adore them all :)

Thank you for reading,

Yours truly,

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