Sunday, 29 January 2017

Special Occasion Duos | Perfect Nail Polish and Lipstick Duos

Special Occasion Duos | Perfect Nail Polish and Lipstick Duos 


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Today I thought I would share two of my favourite nail polish and lipstick duos with all lovely people.

Previously I purchased two Technic nail polishes for the very affordable price of 99p in the colours of 'Morello' and 'Seashell'. And when I got home, I realised that they go perfectly with two of my favourite lip sticks: Maybelline Long Lashing Lipsticks in 'Drop of Sherry' and Kate Moss' nudes collection in 'Rock 'n' Roll Nude'.

These duos are perfect for any special occasion out, be it a day out or for a party. The best thing is that the lipstick has strong pigments that match the strong pigments of the nail polishes. The Technic polishes are great, because for an affordable nail polish, they're consistency is very good and they last for a long time without chipping and coming off; even for someone like myself who is always busy at work picking up products and serving customers and writing non stop at college.
    The lipsticks are an absolute favourite of mine. I adore their pigments and they have a lovely cream-like consistency to them, meaning they can be applied evenly and leave your lips looking smooth and you looking gorgeous.

One duo that I love is the grouping of Maybelline Long Lasting Lipstick in 'Drop of Sherry' and Technic Nail Polish in 'Morello'. These two beauty products seem to compliment each other completely, and I call this duo 'Very Berry'. Their pigments are a dark red berry colour, one of my most favourite colours recently that I cannot get enough of. This duo is perfect for a special occasion, or even just every day, as they add a pop of colour to your look that's neither too bright or too pale but is perfect to give a little extra to your look. This duo is my most used beauty duo at the moment.

My second duo that are ideal for any occasion, especially later in the year with spring and summer, is the combination of Maybelline Long Lasting Lipstick in 'Rock 'n' Roll Nude' and Technic Nail Polish in 'Seashell'. The metallic pigments in the nail polish compliments the nude pink undertones and pigments in the lipstick, giving off a shimmery, pinkish look; perfect to convey a elegant feel to your look. This duo is also used often by me when, especially during every day because the paler colours are more subtle but still intense in their pink pigments. I have named this duo 'Pearl Pink' for their lovely pink tones that convey a subtle feeling of elegance.

There you go, my nail polish and lipstick two beauty duos that are perfect for any occasion.

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