Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Key Winter Accessory | Black and White Panel Scarf

The Key Winter Accessory | Black and White Panel Scarf

Black and White Panel Scarf.


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With everyone and everything sheltering from Winter to escape it's cold breeze, there's nothing I enjoy more than dressing up cozy and comfortable to tackle the chilling weather ahead. And on this note, I can honestly say one of these items I am addicted to are gorgeous, comfortable scarves which I frequently incorporate into my everyday Winter wardrobe.  

I purchased this Black and White Panel Scarf from Next in Swansea for a reduced price of £8.00 in their sale, whilst on holiday in South Wales. I am a lover of sales, so when I saw this scarf, I snatched it up and took it to the tills; which I'm glad I did because I just cannot get enough of it. 
My Black and White Panel Scarf
incorporated into my everyday
   I adore this Black and White Panel Scarf because of the casual chick edgy vibe it generates with the contrast of colours between black and white. Paired with a Burgundy Jumper, Black Skinny Jeans and Boots, I feel this scarf creates a statement look to any outfit, whilst being extremely warm and comfortable to wear; a must have characteristic for an item in my everyday Winter wardrobe. 

The Black and White Panel Scarf is ideal for the winter months, due to it's gorgeous pattern and chick edgy vibe, but also its long length, and wide width. Its width means it covers my body from the cold, and it's length lets me swing it around my neck to achieve the casual edgy vibe the scarf creates. 

Black and White Panel Scarf
To add, because the scarf isn't chunky and bulky like my other scarves, this means I can easily wear it around my neck and under my coat without worrying if I'll still be able to zip the coat up and stay warm when wearing it.
   The scarf is also extremely soft, meaning it's comfortable to wear throughout the day, unlike more chunkier scarves, which can become scratchy after being worn for a certain amount of time and feel uncomfortable to wear; a definite no for any item for the Winter season where comfort and warmth is a key aim. 

My Black and White Panel Scarf is my most frequently worn scarf so far this winter. It's practical, yet stylish, keeping me warm and comfortable whist conveying an chick edgy vibe as a Winter statement item. Incorporated into my Winter wardrobe look, I can say this scarf was a great affordable buy, does not fail to please, and looks chick and edgy no matter how often you wear it. 

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