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My 2015 Holiday | Day 3 Alone With The Dogs

My 2015 Holiday | Day 3 Alone With The Dogs 

Ringstead Bay and it's Beach when
we arrived at the beach.
(Photograph taken by me Caris)
After spending our first day at Ringstead Bay Beach and our second day at Charmouth, on the third day I was left to look after Skye and Gem. My family had gone out for the day and I had decided to stay and go to the Beach with Skye. Being only 10 weeks old, the large pebbles on the beach could be a task for Gem to walk on, so she stayed in her bed nice and comfortable with all her favourite toys. When I was ready to go, I put a lead on Skye and checked on Gem. She had already fallen asleep. Taking hold of Skye's lead firmly, I went out the door, locked it and set off.

Steps leading to the second of the two beaches.
(Photograph taken by me Caris)
The sky was clear blue and the clouds were white, looking as though they had been perfectly moulded to their fluffy shape before being placed into the sky. A gentle breeze accompanied the warm air, making it the perfect weather for the beach. Walking down the drive with Skye panting with excitement beside me; I came to the gate at the bottom of the cottages drive. Reaching over the wooden structure, I attempted to lift the latch which wouldn't budge. I pushed against the gate as I lifted the latch, still no movement. In the end I had to send Skye underneath the gate and climb over, typical. Once over, I set off along the shining, smooth gravel track towards the field. Letting Skye off lead resulting in her racing into the distance, returning seconds later making multiple laps around me. The grass was long and soft and the smell of pollen was in the air. Listening carefully, I could hear the sea and people on the beach.

The second of the two beaches at Ringstead.
(Photograph taken by me Caris)
Once at the bottom of the field, I cut through a open gate into the second field. Skye lead the way until we reached a gate built into the fencing, sending Skye through we reached a small single track road. The road leading to the beach. Whilst walking I could feel the sun's rays behind me as they hit my legs and arms. I just love the warmth of summer. After walking for some time, avoiding walking into people and their dogs and cars, we reached the walkway leading down towards the beach. Skye started to whine with excitement. Once on the beach we set off towards the second beach on the left of the area. When we reached the steps leading to the beach, I let Skye free. Watching this white and brown figure vanish into the distance directly towards the sea made me smile. She has to be one of the craziest and most joyful dogs I have ever had I thought to myself. Returning with a large grin spread across her face, I placed a lead back onto Skye's collar. Her fur was soft but her legs were dripping with salty sea water and dotted with sand from the beach. Once we reached the middle of the second beach, I sat onto the ground. A mixture of sand and small pebbles covered the
Skye settled on the beach.
(Photograph taken by me Caris)
surface. Removing the lead from her collar, I threw a toy into the soft, gentle gleaming water which Skye retrieved in seconds. Watching her run up to the water and dive far into the sea, she moved like an Olympic swimmer. Drawing closer to the toy floating on the surface, she picked it up and ran back to me in a matter of seconds with a wide grin on her face.

Skye on Ringstead Bay Beach.
(Photograph taken by me Caris)
After being at the beach for about an hour and a half to two hours, I decided it was time for me and Skye to go back to the holiday cottage. The grin that had first appeared on Skye's face hadn't budged since. The two of us were happy. Skye still grinning, covered in salty sea water from the calm and gentle waves, head to toe and me covered in sand; we both finally arrived back at the cottage's gate to the drive. Climbing over the gate-which still would not move, Skye followed me underneath, trotting towards the cottage door. The sunlight was less intense and there was a breeze still blowing through the air, past me across to the trees in the wood to my right. Trees rustled as the breeze hit them, as though they were speaking to each other with their vibrant, green leaves. Once inside the cottage, I let Gem out, who cheerfully let out a greeting howl; sounding as if she was saying hello in English. Running up to Skye, she launched herself into the mad Spaniel, before flying back from the force she herself, a little 10 week old puppy could create.

Eventually the dogs came back inside, resting together in Skye's cage sleeping peacefully for the next few hours; until my family came back from the dog competition Quest had competed in. Happy I couldn't wait for my next day on holiday, wondering, where will I go next? With that thought, I smiled and turned on the TV; because hey everyone needs a television on holiday. Right?

Yours truly,
xChatty Blondex

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