Thursday, 1 October 2015

Holiday Souvenirs | All The Things I Aquired On Holiday

Holiday Souvenirs | All The Things I Acquired On Holiday

Stewart my Seagull Souvenir :)
Hello! As you may know from following my blog, you will see that I am posting bits of my week holiday in Ringstead Bay, Dorset. If you haven't yet can these holiday posts, that follow the name " My 2015 Holiday" then click here and scroll down my page to view these posts in order- " " Carrying on, I have taken images of all my 'buys' as one could say and here I will show you what I decided to buy and where I got them from. 

Ringstead Bay Seagull souvenir  (a.k.a "Stewart" as I like to call him):
I purchased this souvenir from Ringstead Bay Kiosk, Ringstead (yes I know again it's obvious ha) This was the last of this style of ornament on the shelves, so I grabbed him up as soon as possible. When it comes to nice ornaments the best go first! Especially those that look the most detailed. 
This souvenir was just £3.49 and a definite bargain; considering holidays can be expensive when concerning gifts. This souvenir is one of my favourites.

Silver 3D Glass Butterfly Candle Holder:
Silver 3D Glass Butterfly candle Holder
This souvenir is gorgeous! I love the way the three dimensional butterfly feature on the front catches the sunlight, diverting the sun's rays in various directions. It adds a bright, elegant touch to my room perched on my desk, wings open as if ready to take off. 
Purchased from the National Tank Museum in Weymouth, it didn't cost much despite being on sale in a Museum gift shop. Costing £4.95, I can say I'm proud of my money management; this is another one of my favourite purchases. 

Inspirational Pebbles:
Inspirational pebbles (apologies for
the blurred image x)
I call these the "Inspirational pebbles" because they inspire me. These pebbles were hand painted, with quotations handwritten onto them. Purchased at the National Tank Museum, Weymouth, these pebbles were £3.00 each. Despite being costly, I felt like these quotations on the
pebbles related to me, so decided I would keep them in my room when times get tough either due to College stress or life in general. A souvenir that speaks out to me.

These are the items I purchased on holiday, one of a kind, or common to find, however I will leave this post at that for now, because there's more to be written in the future about my 2015 Summer Holiday :) Keep up with the "My 2015 Holiday" posts because more will be put up soon for you to read right through the weeks.

Yours truly,
xChatty Blondex

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