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Elegant Festive Makeup | Frosted Snow Smokey Eye

Elegant Festive Makeup | Frosted Snow Smokey Eye

My Frosted Snow Smokey
 Eye look


Hope all is well and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :) 

Speaking of Christmas and New Year, this gave me the ideal to post a simple but elegant makeup look of mine that I believe ideal for any Christmas or New Years party or occasion; the Frosted Snow Smokey Eye.

Now I love the smokey eye look, and it is true that I wear it everyday, but I also wear it for special occasions as well. For these occasions, I amplifying the smokey eye a bit either by adding a little more shadow to the crease of the eye, or replacing lighter shadows with darker ones, making the shadow contour the eye even more; especially when out and in darker restaurants or bars. 

Base shadow in 'Silver Nude'
from 'Body Collection Eye
 Shadow Palette'
So without further ado, I'll give you my quick and easy step-by-step guide to achieving my Frosted Snow Smokey Eye look. These images were just taken in my room after completing the look so I'm afraid no nice fancy background for this post.

1) Firstly, like always, I wash my face in the morning to remove any oil or dirt to avoid blocked pores caused by wearing makeup on blocked skin. After every face wash, I then moisturise with my 'Simple Kind To Skin Light Moisturiser' which is the only moisturiser that soaks into my skin and doesn't leave an oily, greasy residue on my skin's surface, which in turn blocks pores and causes blemishes. I apply this moisturiser twice and massage it into my face gently in circular motions until it's absorbed.
'Golden Bronze Baked Eye Shadow'
with 'Golden Bronze' used for the crease
of the smokey eye look.

2) I then start with my everyday makeup: foundation, concealer, press powder. After I take my trusty 'Body Collection Eye Shadow Palette', and select 'Silver Nude', which will be the base for this look and gently apply it, dabbing it onto the eyelid to reduce buildup and to create an even application. 

3) After building the colour by applying the eye shadow, I move to my 'Golden Bronze Baked Eye Shadow' in 'Golden Bronze', and start to apply it to the crease of my eye, starting from the end of the lash line across to the corner of my eye. For the crease of the eye, I apply the shadow in a back and forth motion to blend the shadow. Each time I gently add intensity to the crease to develop the smokey eye look. To avoid excess shadow falling underneath my eye, I very gently tap the eye shadow brush on the edge of the eye shadow palette to remove excess shadow. 

The complete Frosted Snow
 Smokey Eye look
When I apply eye shadow to the crease, I do it in a ' V' shape due to my eyelids tapering down, which leaves my eye lashes tapering down and flicking out a bit like a cat eye. In theory on my left eye the 'v' shape will be like this: < and on my right like this: > but obviously in a more curved shape, as eyelids curve and the eye socket is also curved slightly.

4) After blending the shadow into the base eye shadow, I then take my powder brush (with no powder on it) and gently flick the brush from under my eye outward to remove excess shadow. Finally I apply my mascara. Because the eye shadow will have fallen onto my eyelashes, I firstly apply the shadow on the top of my lashes starting from the outside to the inner lashes. Straight away I then apply another coat to the lashes underneath where you would normally apply mascara. Again I start from outside of the lashes inwards, going over the outer lashes once more to develop curl. 

5) Last of all, I apply moisturiser to my lips to create a moisturise
The complete Frosted Snow
 Smokey Eye look
d, smooth base to put lipstick onto, and apply my lipstick. You can choose which colour you want.

For instance, with this eye shadow look, it's best to pick a subtle pinkish tone like my Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in 'Rock 'n' Roll Nude'. This is because a light tone compliments the look, but does not distract the eye from the eye shadow look. However, if you were to use a darker lipstick, like my Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 'Drop of Sherry' in a dark burberry, reddish tone, this would draw the eye away from the smokey eye look, and distract from the main makeup feature that was intended to build definition to the face. Once applying lipstick, the look is complete.

 I hope this was helpful and a great idea for anyone struggling to think of make up looks for the festive season, or even enabled others to create an idea that has influenced by this look.  

To the left 'Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick' by Kate
Moss in 'Rock 'n' Roll Nude', to right 'Rimmel Lasting
Finish Lipstick' in 'Drop of Sherry'

Thank you for reading,

Yours truly,
Caris :)

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