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Perfect Smokey Eye | Frosted Rose Eye Shadow

Perfect Smokey Eye | Frosted Rose Eye Shadow


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Final look of 'Frosted Rose' eye shadow look using 
'Technic Bronzing Eyeshadows Baked
Eyeshadow ' palette and Rimmel Long Lasting
Lipstick in 'Rock 'n' Roll Nude' by Kate Moss.
I love eye shadow, especially baked eye shadow, and I love the smokey eye look. My every day look always involves a smokey eye. Ever since discovering makeup when I was around 13/14, I have forever loved the look of a smokey eye. I just love how pretty the colours look, blending into other complimentary colours, and that you can wear it for any occasion and it just looks great. 
   So I have decided to share my new favourite eye shadow palette that I recently purchased, my Technic Bronzing Eyeshadows Baked Eyeshadow palette in what I call 'Frosted Rose', and my Frosted Rose Smokey Eye look I created using this palette.

Now before I start, I just want to tell you all about this palette, because its my new love. Some of you may be thinking 'Technic? That's not a big brand is it?' and that's a common thought with makeup brands that aren't as popular as the makeup giants like Rimmel or Max-Factor, Mac or Maybelline.
My 'Frosted Rose' eye shadow look using my
'Technic Bronzing Eyeshadows Baked
Eyeshadow ' palette.
   I purchased this palette for £2,99 and I love it; it has all the pigmentation I have been searching for and is so cost effective. Not only is it gorgeous with it's pinkish hue, but a great price. To add, Technic are also against animal testing unlike other brands such as Maybelline and Rimmel, which may come as an unexpected shock to some, due to the ideology that 'cheap', cost-effective makeup is of low quality and therefore of bad morals, but in this case that belief is banished. This puts this palette in my good books, because this palette even more worth it's cost, as the majority of non-animal testing brands can be fairly expensive to purchase and don't last very long when I use them as frequently as I do.

So let me tell you about the Frosted Rose Smokey Eye look I created one day using my new 'Technic Bronzing Eyeshadows Baked Eyeshadow' palette.

1) To start with, I firstly applied my every day makeup: foundation, concealer and press powder. I then took my trusty eye shadow brush and applied the base shadow to my eyelid, the lightest colour in 'Frosted Snow', dabbing it lightly on to my eyelid, building up the intensity of the pigment due to it's very light pale white-pinkish hue.

Makeup for this look:'Technic Bronzing Eyeshadows Baked
Eyeshadow' palette in 'Frosted Gold, and Rimmel Long Lasting
Lipstick in 'Rock 'n' Roll Nude' by Kate Moss.
In order of left to right: Top: 'Truffle', 'Frost', 'Rusted Gold'
Bottom left to right: 'Ice', 'Berry', 'Copper Bronze'.
2) I then placed a darker shade of shadow in  'Rusted Gold' onto the tip of the brush, and started to blend it into the crease of my eyelid to create the smokey look and highlight my eyes. I worked along starting at the lash line, and then along the crease on top of my eyelid, and repeat. I continue to add and blend small amounts, slowly building up the intensity of the eye shadow and creating the slightly pinkish tone of the eyeshadows. After adding enough shadow, I then used the brush without any eye shadow on it, to blend the shadow into the base shadow to stop a harsh clash of unblended eye shadow. I will admit that for some like myself when first starting smokey eye looks, it takes practice to learn blending and what way to blend the shadow into the crease of the eye depending on your eye shape. When blending the shadow, I do mine in an almost 'V' on it's side like this: ' < ' shape, with the point being the outer corner of my eyelid, instead of a 'C' shape, as my eyelids are too big for the 'C' shape route to take as you blend.

3) Lastly, to achieve the shadowed effect the smokey eye creates and add depth to the eye, I applied 'Truffle' a tiny bit onto the brush and gently dabbed it above the lash line and then along the outer corner's crease of my eye; the areas of the eyelid that my 'V' shaped route to blend the shadow would take. I always prefer to apply the darkest colour such as 'Truffle' lightly at first, as if it's too dark it can be difficult to blend without looking like a panda. Finally to finish off, I very very lightly moved the brush back and forth in the 'V' route to lightly blend the darkest shadow, with strokes literally of about 2mm or approximately 1cm. As always, I get my un powdered powder brush and gently flicked the brush outward along my skin under my eyes, to rid of excess powder that falls onto the eye lashes and under eyes when it's applied. Just staring from the outer corner and flicking it outwards flicks the shadow off your face.
The final look for my Smokey eye 'Frosted Rose' look.
Because I am looking down, you can see the blending of
eye shadow to create the smokey eye look.
   A trick I use when applying eye shadow, is to gently tap the eye shadow brush on the edge of the palette case to remove excess, loose shadow that will fall under my eyes when being applied.

4) To complete the look, I apply my mascara. Working my way from outer lashes and underneath the lashes, I firstly apply it gently to the top of the lashes, and then the bottom, to fully coat the eyelashes by hiding any loose eye shadow residue which will be settled on my eye lashes, and to help them keep their shape. I do this as my eyelashes are quite long and taper downwards in a curve leaving lashes that flick outwards like a cat eye liner would.
To add, another useful tip I have for eye shadow application when you've applied shadow for the smokey eye look, is how to deal with bits of mascara ending up on your eyelids which are covered in layers of perfected eye shadow. What I do is get my eye shadow brush and make it clean of any residue by rubbing it on my hand so that the residue won't transfer, and then lightly move the brush back and forth on the eye lid in small strokes to gently blend and remove the black mascara, yet without removing any of the shadow or disturbing the balance of pigmentation of eye shadow.
Close up of the look. This 'Frosted
Rose' look is subtly but an effective
smokey eye look. 

5) To compliment my pinkish 'Frosted Rose' smokey eye look, I pair this look with my favourite lipstick: Rimmel's Lasting Finish Lipstick in 'Rock 'n' Roll Nude' by Kate Moss in her nudes lipstick collection. I feel this
lipstick compliments the pigmentation of the eye shadow and the 'Frosted Rose' smoky eye look with it's nude pink pigments.

The final look complete with 'Technic Bronzing
EyeshadowsBaked Eyeshadow' palette and
 Rimmel Long Lasting Lipstick
in 'Rock 'n' Roll Nude' by
Kate Moss; to create a pinkish
nude, frosted rose look.
I hope my quick tutorial was interesting, helpful, and maybe even inspiring to read for new makeup looks, and I hope you enjoyed the post. This smokey-eye eye shadow look was just created one morning when I was getting ready for college and decided to use my new 'Techic Bronzing Eyeshadows Baked Eyeshadow' palette, and I really liked the results I achieved just by experimenting with makeup.

Thank you for reading,

Yours truly,

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