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Summer Photo Picks | My Favourite Pictures Of My Holiday, 2016

Summer Photo Picks | My Favourite Pictures Of My Holiday, 2016

Hey, hope all is well,

 Mountains, Carmarthenshire, South Wales. This image isn't
edited at all, everything you see, all the natural colours;
are untouched, and only captured by me on my camera.
Now I have just been on holiday, and anyone who knows me and my blog, will know that if there's anything I like to do more on holiday; is to take pictures to catelogue my experiences. I have gathered together all the pictures I love the most, in order to share them and to highlight the beauty of the South of Wales where I spent my week on holiday with my family. This year, I am going to create a mini album one could call it, of all the pictures, putting a twist to my usual blogging where I end up writing and writing until about five pages later I only just finish, with the thought that a small collage of photos might be nice to share on my blog with all of you.
Llanelli beach
However, before you have a look at the natural beauty of South Wales, I'll first give you some context on my holiday. I went on holiday Saturday the 30th with my family off to South Wales to a small cottage in the middle of the hills and forest in a small village called Gwynfe, based in the county of Carmarthenshire, which was one of the two county's that wales consisted of. 
Dryslwyn Castle, a 13th century castle.
     The journey took approximately three hours, followed by pacing up the small, steep and narrow roads and over the mountains that I swear look like mount Everest's cousins. The further we went, the higher we got into the mountains, until thirty minutes later we reached the cottage, named 'Forest View Cottage'. 

Dryswlyn Castle
Now the cottage was an average size, painted white and with all rooms on ground level, and being so high up in the mountains, the cottage was cold, with its stone structure. Of course, as you may have guessed, there was no wi-fi, no phone signal- unless you drove twenty minutes to Pen Arthur Wood- and not even a telephone inside the cottage, with the owner of the cottage living next door, I guess they didn't see any reason to have one.To sum up, the area was pretty excluded or even 'remote' as some might say. 
The beginning of the National Show Caves
     Throughout the week, we spent some time travelling to different places, going along a mountain route that winds round the mountains and past the sheep who occupy it. The view was amazing, and you'll soon see why :) In summary, we visited Dryswyn Castle, a 13th century castle now with its remains standing high above the
ground, Llanelli and it's beach and it's national nature reservation grounds with a cycle route that a enjoyed so much, we spent two hours cycling around and even came face to face with swans that didn't seem too happy to see our bicycles because their juvenile babies were around, so they started trying to attack the wheels, and may I add; swans aren't the
most friendliest of birds I can think of. We also visited The National Show Caves which were amazing and had an intriguing history to them of bones found in one of the three caves called the 'Bone Cave' that were from around the iron age or older, with the main cave
being the first to be discovered by the Morgan Brothers in 1912 who had finished
Waterfalls in the National Show Caves
their farm work for the day and decided to finally explore the caves, mapping out every detail of it. We also went to Swansea for a bit of shopping, because I really needed some new shoes that preferably weren't broken like my other ones; and finally Pen Arthur Wood, a small woodland walk just twenty minutes down the road, and down the mountains, from Gwynfe.

So here are all the top pictures from my summer holiday, 2016. I could only choose a few because they were all amazing and I just couldn't fit them all onto this blog post. Scroll down the page to view the rest of images, click to enlarge them. All images are taken by me, Caris and my property :) 
National Show Caves

Waterfalls in the National Show Caves

The National Show Caves

This stalagmite was named 'The Angel'
by the Morgan brothers for its tall human-like structure
and long wings which can be seen to the back of
the stalagmite's structure. The Morgan brothers
 first ventured into the caves after finishing
their farm work early in 1912 and they mapped out
the caves as they went. one hundred and four years later,
they're open to the public with their rich history
and interesting past of the 'Bone Cave' which has remains
dating back to before the Iron age. 

I hope these pictures were worth a look, I think they are it it goes to show the real, untouched natural beauty of South Wales.

Thank you for reading,

Yours truly,

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