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My 2015 Holiday | Arriving At Ringstead Bay, Dorset

My 2015 Holiday | Arriving At Ringstead Bay, Dorset

Ringstead Bay Beach. Photography by
me Caris.
Hi, hope all is well. I came back from holiday yesterday and I loved it! Just loved it so much! And this got me thinking whilst I was on holiday. If I loved and enjoyed it so much, why don't I share my experience of my holiday in Ringstead; promote my experience of this lovely location to everyone. I couldn't easily share this with you due to lack of great internet and my laptop being at home, so I will do it now :)

Ringstead is a small village in Dorset and has Ringstead Bay with it's beach right in its location (the name gives it away yes I know ha). This area lies on the Jurassic Coast, a location in England known well from it's stunning views and fossils. Ringstead Bay is wonderful. The waves are calm and cool and the beach stretches both ways, one on the right end and another from the left end past some sea defense boulders. I was based in this lovely little cottage just a 2 or less minute drive away from Ringstead Bay Beach. Walking there is short as well. It took maybe about 5 to 7 minutes however I had this crazy Spaniel with me, yes my dog Skye, and she was a mad nutter. This is very time consuming when this mad thing of a Springer Spaniel is running round and around in circles and going the opposite direction you're going. But anyway, I will come back to that day later. 

When we got there after hours and hours of travelling in our massive car with plenty of traffic, we finally arrived interesting in what this week would hold for us. When we got to Ringstead, the road lead into the direction of the beach and a small gravel turning off to the left lead to the cottage. Going along this small gravel road I could see cattle based in a barn and others on a field in the distance. The view as we drove along this road was lovely. Off to the right was the Sea, a perfect view from where we were. I could see hills on the far left of the beach as the Bay cliffs jutted out into the water. Houses nestled deep within the hills could be seen. It was as if they were hiding from the wind which aids the movement of the waves. A large house, from what I could see from this distance,  was based on the very top of the cliff. What a view it's inhabitants of that house must have!

Walkway leading to Ringstead Bay Beach.
Photography by me Caris. 
We carried on driving until we got to two gates, one to the left and one to the right. Instructions from the cottage landlord informed us that the massive farm-style gate to the left would be for us to go through. Driving up the drive, the cottage came into view. It was so pretty and looked perfect and unlike most cottages, it was relatively large. It had a long rectangular structure with a thatched roof based on top. Windows facing the drive were located at the front of the cottage with stepping stones leading to the front door. As I got the Dogs out of the Car, Skye and Quest raced off towards the left of the cottage where the Garden with a Sea view was. Gem struggled to pull free from my arms as I gently lifted this strong willed Border Collie puppy out of the travel cage. I placed her onto the ground and clipped the lead to her. I didn't want to lose her to the large fields behind the gate and open wood to the right of the cottage drive. She raced after the other two, trying to jump up and chase them around the garden, only to fall over her own feet when chasing after Skye. Quest had obviously decided the idea of becoming a puppy chew toy was not for him. The Garden was open and stretched from the drive to the end based on the left of the property. A hedge separated the field behind from the garden. As I approached the hedge, I gawped in amazement. The view of the Sea was beautiful. The cliffs were in viewing range and the waves looked calm, glistening in the sunshine.
Ringstead Souvenir named Stewart ha.
Purchased for £3.49
Photograph taken by me Caris. 

After removing everything from the Car and into the cottage, we set off to the Beach with the dogs to discover our surroundings. When we followed the road towards the beach, it lead us to a small building and car park. People were getting out of their car with all their beach things. One group of people appeared to be getting ready to go surfing. We set off towards the beach, walking past the building called Ringstead Bay Kiosk and I could see they served food and sold things to customers. A track road lead us to the beach entrance with a ramp leading towards the beach. When we got to the beach the sunshine was lovely. After playing with the dogs in the sea and basking in the sun, we set off back to the kiosk near the entrance. After having a meal at the kiosk of which I had cod, chips and peas (yummy) I decided to buy myself this Ringstead souvenir to remember my holiday.

Holidays are great especially when the sun is shining and everyone is in a good mood. I will put more about my next day and experience of my holiday soon but for now I will spare you from reading too much as I have ALOT to share :) Enjoy your day.

Yours truly,
xChatty Blondex

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