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My trip to The Princess Towers | Day Out

My trip to The Princess Towers | Day Out 
The Princess Towers. Photograph taken by me
Caris -xChatty Blondex
Hello. Summer goes by so quickly, so I thought to myself, why not do something to really remember. Something I will enjoy. So I went on a long summer walk to one of my favourite places. I took my dogs and set off. I had decided to go to a place where I have many childhood memories; the Towers aka "Princess Towers" as I liked to call it when I was younger. Here's a run through of how enjoyable a summer walk can be, something I have enjoyed as part of my summer holiday.
Setting off with two young dogs can be a challenge. They pull, they leg it when they see another dog! But what I love about my two adult, yet funny dogs is that they enjoy long walks.
Quest and Skye are fairly young. Quest is just four and Skye is just one. They do training and all sorts of things with one of my parents, as they are their dogs. This training can make them very obedient, great for taking a picture of them :) Walking along a field with them on the lead can be, shall I say, a work out. Even working dogs will pull and you have to really hold your grip haha. Quest is a Border Collie and Skye is a Spaniel so for working breeds, you can imagine they can be very strong.
Golden Wheat Fields leading to the Stream.
Photography by me  Caris-xChatty Blondex
Once we had walked across the fields, where I had watched Skye leap over the golden wheat fields, holding a massive grin across her face, we had got to the track leading to the Towers. The view was stunning. All these years ago I came here with my old dogs who have sadly passed away now and who I hold in my heart still today. I had forgotten how amazing it was there. The trees were green and vibrant, as if they had been freshly painted. The Sky looked clear, as though it was a picture in a gallery, perfect. The sound of the Grass Hoppers was like a symphony, with nothing else interrupting their song, even when one decided to hop onto my leg. The air was fresh and clear and the wind blew in my face, sending my hair flying back behind me. All my memories from the past of this place came flooding back. Memories deep within my head started to emerge, causing a smile to spread across my face as I felt a moment of delight, comfort, happiness and amazement. "Wow this is beautiful" I muttered to myself as I gawped at the view. I knew for a fact that one thing was clear. I had missed this place.
Skye and Quest heading for the stream. Spaniel
and Collie showing their true
personalities: adventurous
and active.
Photograph by me Caris- xChatty Blondex
Turning the corner with me following, the dogs hurried off towards the hill. They knew that the stream was near. As they vanished around the corner, I walked down the sloping dirt path and turned my head in to the direction of a shining object within the distance. I could see a Farm over the hill in front of me. The metallic reflection of the iron roofing on a barn had caught my eye, as it shone in the sunshine looking brand new. By the time I had turned the corner which Skye and Quest had disappeared around, the image I saw made me smile. The two of them were over joyed. They were scurrying down the hill towards the stream and bridge at the bottom. To the best part of the walk and the final destination of this amazing route. Skye was bustling up and down the hill, turning around and heading towards me, tail wagging, ears flying and a grin present upon her face, before retreating back towards the stream. Quest by her side, his tail swaying left and right accompanied by a gentle walk. Typical laid back Quest. 
The Stream and the Bridge.
Photograph by me Caris- xChatty Blondex

Before I could stop her, Skye plunged herself into the stream. The stream had a clearing with rocks and was shallow, just enough for Quest the go into and fetch a stick before retrieving it back to me, a impatient playful look on his face. Approached by Skye soon after, I was clear that they wanted to play fetch. So we did and I could tell, they loved it here just like I do.
The Stream. I call this part
 the Lake.
Photograph by me
Caris- xChatty Blondex
I enjoyed this walk and I know that my dogs did too. I believe that summer walks are the best thing when its nice and hot and you're itching to get outside. Take a bike like I have, a friend or your dogs like I did, and enjoy the lovely summer breeze and heat.
Skye (left) and Quest (right) enjoying their walk
to The Towers.
Photograph by me Caris- xChatty Blondex
I told my friend, Lady Fascination, about this place and she wanted to come with me to see it. The images were stunning. So share a interesting walk with someone. Get out there and catch the sun on a summer walk to
remember. :) Go alone or with another, but enjoy the summer. Create memories and have a good time. Nature is beautiful and accompanied by the summer warmth, they make a perfect combination to enjoy.
Yours truly,
xChatty Blondex

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