Thursday, 13 October 2016

Day Out | Trip to Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Day Out | Trip to The Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Hey hope all is well,

This is a blog repost from my other blog, xDance Dorkx and I thought why not share this post on my blog Caris' Blog for any of you who don't follow or read xDance Dorkx; so that you can all see what amazing pictures I managed to sneak in to my English trip. Enjoy 😊

A few weeks ago (possibly two if I can separate that memory from the memory of the stress A-Levels have given me these past few weeks) I went to The Victoria & Albert Museum in London, to see a recorded screening of the play Jerusalem for my A2 English Language exam. 
     Now you may be asking 'why did you go to see a play that is the recording of one instead of a live performance' and my class and I asked the same question. I guess our teacher felt it would be easier to understand and refer to the play for the exam if we watched it, which is true. But I also found that trips to London with my A2 English class are very amusing and eventful, such as our breakfast at Weatherspoons before we left Oxford for London; and the lady serving hated me with a passion because I paid 39p on my debit card 😂 ....

 However that's not the basis for this blog post, although it's a pretty funny story that I may talk about another time, but the story behind this post is that before I watched the play, I managed to take some pictures of the artifacts, and I've decided to post some of them here for you all to see; because believe me some of them are amazing!      Unfortunately when I tried to get these images onto my laptop, they deleted themselves off my phone, and some artifacts I was not allowed to photograph, but the ones I still have and was allowed to take pictures of are below; so just have a scroll down and take a look. I believe I was in the 'Religion' section -although I cannot recall the exact name- so I believe most of these images are of religious items and just to say I didn't manage to write down what each item was, but it's amazing how beautiful these artifacts are. Here are just a few of the pictures. 

Hope these were interesting, and apologies that there aren't many here, as thanks to my phone they are now deleted 😡 But these are the surviving images and I still think they're just as amazing 😄

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