Sunday, 20 November 2016

This Season's Statement Item | Chenille Roll Neck Jumper

This Season's Statement Item | Chenille Roll Neck Jumper


With the clocks set back and the day light fading, Winter has set in. And with this change of weather, there's nothing I like more than a new, warm item to add to my Winter wardrobe collection.

This Chenille Roll Neck Jumper is my newest addition to my Winter wardrobe, and being a massive jumper addict- especially for the thick, roll neck types- I am in love with this new jumper already.
Costing me just £16, it's affordable and a great fashion statement item that will keep you warm in the cold Winter months.

The Chenille Roll Neck Jumper achieves a casual, effortless look for the Winter season. Paired with Black Skinny jeans and Black Chelsea Boots, I feel this outfit is elegantly congruous for any Winter occasion.  

This jumper is a definite favourite of mine. It's affordable, simple and elegant. It is extremely warm with a soft texture to it, making it very comfortable to wear; something I believe is highly important for any item included in my Winter wardrobe this year.

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