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My 2015 Holiday | Day 2 At Charmouth, Weymouth

My 2015 Holiday | Day 2 At Charmouth, Weymouth 

Hello. This is the entry of my second day on holiday in Charmouth. If you haven't read the first and second post about my entry which are listed in order, click now- entry 1-"My 2015 Holiday | Arriving At Ringstead Bay, Dorset" and entry 2- "My 2015 Holiday | Discovering The Cottage & Day 1 At Ringstead Bay Beach". There are plenty of images to show how great it was :) Enjoy. 
Rock pools running along Charmouth Beach
 near the sea. (Photograph taken by me Caris)

The Bridge Leading to the Beach.
(Photograph taken by me Caris)
After spending Sunday, the first day at the Beach in Ringstead Bay, my family and I wanted to discover the surrounding area. We found a nearby beach and once we got there, there was a lot of natural beauty to be seen. The drive to Charmouth led us through country roads leading towards Weymouth. Turning off before we reached the center of Weymouth, the view of Charmouth Beach came into view. To the front of me I could see a concrete walkway with people walking past. Some had young children, others had dogs. Quest instantly appeared from around the corner of the seat that was in front of him. Peering out the window he saw the people and dogs and lay back down again.
Typical Quest, wait for the humans to get out then you can become excited. Skye on the other hand became intrigued, moved towards the window, she positioned her nose by the opening of the window and she breathed in the scent of the sea ending with a large sneeze. The sea scent must have been very strong. I could see two small gravel car parks and in front of them was another beach, this time with sand dunes and what appeared to be a reservoir running into the sea. Swans were swimming gracefully along the streaming water a bit of an odd sight at the beach.

Seagull above the beach.
(Photograph taken by me Caris)
View of the beach with the rock pools
in the center.(Photograph
taken by me Caris)
After getting out of the car we had lunch at a beach cafe. Once we had decided we were too full to anymore of our food, mine being chips, egg and salad, we set off with the dogs to explore the beach. Walking around the corner I felt the sun beat down on me, warming my skin and but blinding me from its intensity. A soft breeze accompanied the intense sunlight. This gave a feeling of delight as it blew past my face and into my hair causing a smile to appear across my face. It was a lovely August day.

Once further along the walkway, we came to a bridge placed from the walkway over the sea defense boulders, which finished on the other
The rock pools.
(Photograph taken by me Caris)
side, to the beach. Again this beach was shingle however the stones were smooth and warm, worn down by the sea and baked by the sun's rays. A Seagull flew over my head so low I felt like I could reach and touch it's smooth, aerodynamically designed feathers. It circled and flew over again, before angling their wings down to the left, resulting in a elegant swerve over my head towards the beach behind me where it vanished into the horizon.

After observing the Seagull that had now disappeared, I turned to look out towards the sea. People were walking along the beach and in the distance. I could see some of them gathered by some rocks placed in the center of the beach, which had submerged when the tide had vanished. Rock pools had developed here within the gaps between the rocks, it's inhabitants waiting for the sea to visit when the tide next comes in. Settling on more rocks based on the beach, I set off with my phone, with it's camera open, to explore the rock pools. The rock pools looked so peaceful and gentle. Looking forward I could see the sea out in the distance, a result of the tide retreating from the beach.
The rock pool where the Crab had been. My
favourite and the most inhabited pool
of them all.(Photograph taken
by me Caris)
Looking into the darkness of the rock pools, I could see seaweed which had inhabited this beautiful sight. Looking closer I could see a small crab, before my shadow warned it that I was time to go. Scuttling towards the darkness created by a rock jutting out in the rock pool, the crab disappeared into the rock's shadow leaving a grin across my face. Best to leave it be I thought and I continued my sight seeing before returning to the beach, hopping on and off of stones to avoid the salty sea water.

When I reached the beach, I joined my family and soaked up the sunshine. Two hours later, we decided to go back to the car but visited the souvenir shop before, that housed multiple beautiful fossils including and pieces of jewellery. Once purchasing a few things for family and a bracelet for myself, I worked me way around the shop in search of sunglasses. Having previously sat on them the first day of my holiday, Monday, I was in need of new ones but this seemed a challenge for me. Finally when my search had been completed, I went back to the car ready to leave the beach. Taking one last picture on my phone before exiting the car park, I wondered to myself, where will we go next. That and I hope it's sunny tomorrow as well. Skye appeared around the corner wanting a stroke, before touching her nose against my palm as if to say thank you for a great day at the beach. Quest peered over the seat, looking through the car window to my left; as if he was glad to go home and sleep after the long day.

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