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About Me | My Favourite & Newly Discovered Musicians and Their Music

About Me | My Favourite & Newly Discovered Musicians and Their Music

Ever feel upset, challenged, angry, exhausted or annoyed and turned to music and it helped you through? Well same here. Music affects my mood in a way I never thought possible. A fast beat and rhythm makes me type and work like mad, helps me concentrate as if I'm working at the rate that the music is playing. So here are songs I love from artists I admire for their musical talent.
 I just want to add, I am no music specialist, just expressing my personality and preferences in this post. They may be different from music others may prefer, or never heard of before by others, but this is just my personal choice of music and everyone has the right to their personal likes especially when concerning music as a aspect of our identity. 

Foxes' music is something I love. I love the creativity in her music and the beat and rhythm. 'Holding On To Heaven', 'Youth', 'White Coats', 'Night Glo' from her album 'Glorious' (Deluxe) are some of my favourites, although I love all her songs from all her albums. 

I love 1975's pop rock styled music they present in their music. They are a long time favourite of mine, and now I've their 1975 album from Christmas, I'll have a constant supply of their music wherever I go.  'Chocolate' is a favourite of mine from their album '1975' but yet again I love literally all their albums and songs. 

Years & Years: 
Another group I love, is Years & Years. These guys make some interesting music, and by interesting I mean music that seems to get my head just stuck in repeat playing their songs over and over again xD  'King' from their album 'King'. 'Foundation', 'Shine', '1977', 'Take Shelter' and 'Real' from their album 'Communion' (deluxe) are some of my favourites. 

Ellie Goulding:
I adore Ellie Goulding's songs, especially from her new album 'Delirium' (deluxe) with 'Codes', 'Something In The Way You Move' and 'Always On My Mind', which I tend to listen to when working or when walking to work for 30 minutes, keep me from boredom with their increasing beats. Lights-the singe version- from her album Bright Lights is an old favourite of mine.

Lana Del Ray:
As I type this, I am currently listening to Lana Del Ray's music. I like the way her songs sound, with the different instruments she uses and interesting, in-depth verses which you can sit for hours and listen to. Some of my favourites are 'West Coast', 'Ultraviolence' and 'Sad Girl' from the album 'Ultraviolence'. 'Summer Time Sadness' the single featuring Lana Del Ray vs. Cedric Gervais. Following the above, her song 'Old Money' also from the album 'Ultraviolence', is a favourite, with its elegance in the lines and the sense of some kind of sadness that Lana Del Ray sings about.

The band I discovered two summers ago after finishing my GCSE exams, are an old favourite of mine. This group are, to my awareness, appearing in shops where I live and even at my work becoming more obvious as I'm out and about ( being, of which working in retail) My favourites are 'Up To You' from 'Talking Dreams' their album, the Deluxe version, followed by 'Lets Love', 'Cool Kids', 'Brights, 'Tell Her You Love Her', 'Nothing's Wrong' and 'Ran Off In The Night', all from the same album (Talking Dreams-Deluxe version).

These are just a few of my chosen musical artists and their songs, and of course my music choice may be completely different to another individual, but it's here, shared with you, providing the chance to get to know a little bit more about me as the blogger of this website :)

Thankyou for reading,

Yours truly,

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