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About me | Things I Aim To Do In My Life

About Me | Things I Aim To Do In My Life 

Everyone has aims in life, were all human. So here's a few of my aims in life for the better that show a little about who I am as an individual.

A quote that means something to me,
'Sparkle' means to achieve and reach high in
life, with every attempt. 
1) Write a book or two: I love to write, hence having two blogs and although I struggle to write whilst my life is so hectic, I still love it. I have no idea what I want to write about, although I am a crime-fighting-horror-tastic- murder-mystery genre lover. I love to read and I take English Literature and Language at A-Level because I love to write and read. So who knows....

2) Be an extra in a film one day: I love performing arts, and although I love it, it can be a hard thing to get into, and be successful with. There are multiple zombie films out, always coming back and who knows, a zombie spot may open up one day. Or even a spot as an extra in a music video. Either way, it would be a enjoyable experience. Plus, I love horror films.

3) Be tougher: To be tougher, I mean to not let the littlest of  things get to me. I am one to put myself down about the smallest of things, such as doing something bad in my driving lesson, messing up an essay in college that will gain me great marks or forgetting something important. I just think I'm a idiot or silly or useless,  anything that expresses my annoyance and upset with myself, even if others themselves think there's nothing wrong with these things.

4)Volunteer in something: I love to help people, I gain a happy feeling when I help people, such as when I assist customers at work. Maybe volunteer abroad, or in a historical event or building. Something that would provide great experience in my life :)

5) Don't let anxiety win: I am a very anxious person. I consider myself as very anxious as the smallest of things affect me, even if I don't present it to others. I will admit I am 75% better than ever before, because of going to two colleges within two years where I didn't originally know anyone, travelling on various methods of travel alone and being slowly and gradually more financially independent for myself as I get older, such as buying my own every day items and getting myself places alone; small things that I myself personally built on. But there will always be more to improve on, and I'm ok with that :)

6) Live healthier and so happier than ever before: I am happy and proud of myself to say that I made my diet better than ever before, and even influence people I know to eat healthy too, resulting in them coming up to me and saying " I really love the fruit and fibre cereals, who would have thought? I bet your influencing me to eat this way ha" Turns out, I had spoken of how I had to change my diet for the better so I could live like a normal person and be pain free from something most don't want to talk about because it a sensitive topic, especially in the what I see as the reserved British Society I live in. A healthier diet made me realise I felt more energetic instead of ill, slept better, my skin was healthier looking, and I didn't feel unhappy because of pain my stomach produced from eating an average diet that hardly included any extra and vital fibre and vitamins.

There a few of my life aims, some may be random, some bizarre, some may seem fairly simple, but I am one to aim to make my lifestyle more healthier in order to improve my lifestyle for the better.

Thank you for reading,

Yours truly,

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