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My Wonder Food For Mornings | Be Surprised How Good Porridge Can Be

My Wonder Food For Mornings | Be Surprised How Good Porridge Can Be

This post was posted on my other blog, xDance Dorkx, and I thought, why not share it for others on this blog as well? So, if you're not a follower of xDance Dorkx, then here's your chance to read it.

Hello! So you may be wondering "why have you decided to write about porridge?" Well... I will explain. I also like to blog about healthy foods, as mentioned on my blog in the title box. This is a
My favourite combination, Porridge
 with freshly chopped Apple. (Yes I took this
whilst making my breakfast haha)
post about one way which you could improve your diet in the mornings, especially helpful for us dancers who burn a lot off and eat like horses (well I do but yeah maybe you do too? ha). I have been considering blogging about this as I think it's something that I should share, especially for those like me who suffer from stomach upset when eating even the simplest of foods. So please bare with :) Now I am no food scientist, or any scientist to be exact, just someone who wants to share my experience of how good I think this food can be for you in the mornings. So here's another food post for you. Oh and if you don't like Porridge then that's fine :) 

I am a Porridge lover! I used to enjoy it when I was younger and have it with jam or fresh fruit on top. Yummy! Now when I'm having breakfast in the mornings, I have always had the issue of eating something and then becoming hungry within an hour after. Not good when you're out and about or doing physical exercise, like dancing. No matter what I ate, I was always hungry a little while after. Unless... I had Porridge. 

Being someone who suffers from a sensitive stomach, with I.B.S, I have to be careful about what I eat. IBS is Irritable Bowel Syndrome and it is a sensitive topic for me to mention as this is a issue that can be stress related, something I struggle with and have all my life since little. IBS makes even eating food that others easily consume impossible. I suffered from bloating which flared up with anything I ate and make things seem dismal and depressive for me. So I cut out the junk and ate all the healthy fibre foods, like porridge- yes I know I have mentioned "porridge" too many times haha. Eating junk food is not a great idea for me and I can only eat a small amount, such as chocolate every few weeks. Factors such as how acidic or alkaline foods are affect me largely; even in the smallest amounts. Cereal and Milk in the mornings give me stomach pains from the Lactose in the cold Milk. In order to consume Milk alone, I have to heat it up to break down the Lactose. Preservatives in the cereals make me feel
 Take fresh fruit any type. Apple has fibre in it
and vitamins.
unwell, my stomach disagrees with them because they're not natural. But porridge? Just plain Oats. No added sugars or too high acidity levels. Not only does it calm my stomach, but it fills me up. Now there is a reason for my long descriptive introduction.  It is because I am stressing that one food that is very good for you, be it because you suffer from intolerance like I do, you're hungry literally non-stop or just think you're diet needs a kick to get back onto the healthy side of life like mine did; this is worth a read.

The day I had porridge for the first time ever, IT
ACTUALLY FILLED ME UP AND I DIDN'T FEEL BLOATED OR UNWELL!! Finally now I could do things without being hungry or with a painful feeling when eating, finally I could be out and about for hours without a single noise coming from my stomach; without my having to grab food fast. To prove how well it fills me up, I ate breakfast at 8:00 am. I had 40g of Porridge and 150ml of milk. Porridge is heated to combine the Milk and Oats (I prefer heating it in a pan), meaning my stomach is fine with milk being consumed. I add a bit of Jam on top or eat it plain and I'm full. At 1:00 pm, a time of which my stomach would have been moaning about being hungry for hours, I had only just felt the slightest bit hungry. You can add fruits to your porridge such as Strawberries, Blueberries, Grapes, Banana or Apple (as you can see in my picture) which are high in vitamins, especially berries with their antioxidant qualities (like Blueberries). Add anything you like. 

So if you have similar issues as me with foods and have to limit your diet to a balance of healthy foods, you are always hungry once eating and are busy throughout the day or just feel that you need to switch your diet; why not try and incorporate porridge into your diet. Because the fact Porridge fills
Healthy, full of fibre and junk free!
me up, I highly suspect it would be great for stopping snacking between meals, something I used to do at college due to stress. If you're not a porridge fan then that's fine. It can be an advantage for anyone who wants to cut down on snacking or maybe even for those who are on diets, because you're full for longer, therefore reducing the amount of time you are hungry and reduces the amount of times you eat foods to fill up between meals.  Porridge is slow burning and full of fibre, which toxins in the body stick to in the digestive system removing them from your body; hence why junk foods made my IBS flare up. The toxins were building up! Also, a final thing to add in, your body burns this energy slowly, meaning you can last longer. I have to say it's my morning wonder food and can be had before work, school, college or exercise (like my dancing). 

Yours truly,

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