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Technic Mega Mattes Eye Shadow Palette | Smokey Cappuccino Look

   Technic Mega Mattes Eye Shadow Palette | Smokey Cappuccino Look

Hello to all my followers and visitors to my blog.

Technic Mega Mattes Eye Shadow Palette used for my
 Smokey Cappuccino Look.
Now it's been a while since I posted because things have been very hectic with the Christmas period over and the new year in tow ( happy New Year everyone :) ). I have been busy working 10.5-12 hour shifts at work non-stop which have left me exhausted and run down with a cold :( However I booked myself off some well deserved holiday this month and am glad to say I can't wait to blog about an makeup look and product that I have wanted to post about for a long time; so here it is :)

My Smokey Cappuccino look using
Technic's Mega Mattes Eye shadow
Palette. I have completed it with Rimmel
Lasting Finish Lipstick in 'Asia' to show
the Smokey Berry Cappuccino Look.
Today the makeup product I am blogging about is one of my favourite brands' eye shadow palettes: Technic's Mega Mattes Eye shadow palette, which I was influenced to buy after I came across Technic's Mega Nudes Eye Shadow palettes that came in three series, which I bought 2 of the 3 series: Technic Mega Nudes 2 and Technic Mega Nudes 3; both big favourites of mine (so a post about these will follow soon).

Now if you follow my blog, and from reading the above text, you will know I am a big fan of Technic's products, especially their eye shadows because of the affordability, quality and the non-animal testing of their products. I purchased Technic's Mega Mattes Palette for the amazing price of £2.99 and I can say for sure that money hasn't gone to waste.

I love Technic's Mega Mattes Eye shadow because of the smooth consistency the matte shadow has and the lovely nude to neutral colours that look so natural and effortless for an everyday look that takes just a few minutes to achieve.
Technic Mega Mattes Eye shadow Palette:
 Cappuccino eye shadow is the one the brushes
are pointing to. 
   Like I normally do, I have given a name to each eye shadow colour around the theme of cafe drinks, because of the coffee and cappuccino like colours they have, and also to add a bit of fun to the makeup looks I create.

To create this look, I firstly applied my everyday makeup, concealer, foundation and setting powder. I then took my flat eye shadow brush and gently applied the eye shadow for this look called 'Cappuccino' and gently placed onto my eyelids using light patting motions to distribute the eye shadow evenly and reduce fallout of the shadow under my eyes.
Taking my eye shadow blending brush, I then began to blend the eye shadow into the eye socket and along the eyelids to create a smokey look. I further applied a little more to the outer eyelids to build the smokey look with the shadow. To finish off, I applied mascara to my eye lashes and gently dusted away any excess eye shadow under my eyes using my powder brush to compete my look.
The finished look

For a bigger impact with this look, such as for special occasions in the day or night, you can also add a dark lipstick to finish the look off, which I did using one of my favourite lipsticks, Rimmel's Long Lasting Lipstick in 'Asia'; to aid this dark smokey makeup look and transform this look into what I call Smokey Berry Cappuccino Look 😘.

There you go, my Smoke Cappuccino look using Technic's Mega Mattes Eye shadow palette. I hope this makeup look was of interest and maybe even of great use for anyone looking for an affordable makeup look that is effortless yet effective for everyday wear or even night time wear for occasions such as parties or events 😃

Thank you for reading,

Yours truly,

Caris 😃

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