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Healthy Nails | My Own Small Things I Do to Keep Nails Healthier when Painting Them...

Healthy Nails | My Own Small Things I Do to Keep Nails Healthier when Painting Them

Heeeyyyy! (I am typing this while listening to 1975 my fav, so sorry if I end up typing something odd or lyrics to their songs haha) apologies I haven't posted in kinda a long time, I have just been struggling with college work and had a few health issues recently and for some time(nothing major major serious dw) that made me feel MEH! Any I am going to share with you just a few small things that I do to keep my nails healthy when painting them. Hope you find this useful and get what I am saying :) Please note that I am not an expert I am just sharing my thoughts and opinions in this post. In the case of this post, I am NOT a Doctor, so if you have nails concerns, you need to take to your doctor about it, I am just here to write about small things to help nails when using nail polish, Thank you.

Diagram of a nail-
I used to always paint my nails when my previous school suddenly said that we were allowed to do it, and this resulted in me experimenting in different nail polish colours, styles and designs but also me over doing the amount of times that I put on nail polish and damaged my nails considerately. I have what you would call rectangular nails and they grow fairly quickly. Because of this, my nails tend to get caught on things easily but this is when they got to a fairly long length. The reason why I am telling about this is because when I started to use nail polish more and more and things like 3D nails art such as glitter which you dip your nail into and it comes out all glittery and cool looking, it damaged my nails. They began to chip when the Distal Edge "free edge"(white bit of the nail at the tip of your nail) had barely even grown, like a millimetre. Not good. My mum said it was my diet but I am a calcium freak, I love cheese and yogurt, cream and milk (especially home made milk shakes umm) and then it got me thinking, maybe the nail polish and artificial nails are stripping the nails of their nutrients that protects them and makes them look shiny. When you remove that nail polish after five says and your nails look dull and hardly shiny, that proves what I was thinking, I may not have my guess 100% correct but it makes sense to me. After all shiny nails are healthy nails. However, if you are concerned about your nails and they are looking odd, have changed structure or you're generally concerned, best to visits a Doctor, as they will be able to help you with their doctory knowledge. 

So numero uno, Let them breath! Your nails need to breath, otherwise they will turn yellow or orange (no joke this happened to two of my friends who always wore nails polish all the time, then covered it up with more polish). It is a known fact that frequent application of nail polish can turn you nails yellow or light orange colour due to lack of oxygen to your nails, so LET EM' BREATH!!!

Numero dos:Don't hang on to the wreckage of the polish. Basically, dish the chipped polish or broken artificial nails, leaving it on increases the amount of time your smothering your nails and this isn't healthy nor good in terms of how it looks. After you have removed the polish or fake nail? Leave your nails  and don't re-paint them or reapply fake nails.

Tres: Visit a nail spa or manicure specialists! Visit these people, and I am positive many of them can offer nail treatments such as treatments or coatings that are put on the nail that can provide nutrients and vitamins to your nails, like a hair dresser would deep treat damaged hair. I'm not really sure what they can offer as I don't work or have knowledge in that area, so I cannot really say however I am sure like any business when a customer or member of the public esquires about something, they would tell you and give you a run through of what they can do and how it's helpful, after all they want to keep business and profits up (showing off my Business studies knowledge there ;) )

Hope you found this helpful, it's not much but hey who would be able to take in a whole essay on nails and what affects them? Try my Aquatics work on the freshwater Angel Fish (they are cute fish though, just saying spent a week on the work after all haha) and it's hard enough with sixteen pages and  a reference and bibliography page to go with it, followed by a 'Setting Up an Aquarium' , ugh doing a Level 3 Animal Management Diploma (A Level equivalent for anyone wondering) at college =  effort! Hope you liked this piece, and now I am off to print the rest of my Aquatics, send off my Business and then start my Livestock :I ugh hahah.

Thank you for reading,

Yours truly,

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