Friday, 31 October 2014

HAppy HaLLOween!

HAppy HaLLOween!

I am a  voodoo doll by the way (if you
were wondering)
Heeeyyy!! Happy Halloween people! How is Halloween doing for you, going to Halloween parties?, rotting your teeth away with sweets from trick or treating? or just sat watching a spooky movie? Apologies for anyone who has already had Halloween (at least I think that happens in some countries...) Anyway, basically I have decided to put up a Halloween post about linked to the celebration of Halloween, even though me and my family don't actually celebrate it much. But what I really wanted to do was to just put out a small message to all you reading this and wish you all a Happy Halloween (although it's already seven twenty nine here in the UK...opps haha) This is a short post and I am just saying have fun on Halloween and if you don't celebrate it then that's totally fine but for those of you who do and even those of you who love Halloween, have a happy Halloween (we use this time of year to get lots of cheap sweets and cakes sold for Halloween mawhahah! ;) )
My Halloween make-up, I tried ok haha

I decided to actually do my make-up for Halloween, despite the fact that I am just stuck indoors on my laptop ha. My friend did her make-up and I have to say Georgie, it was pretty awesome and cool and that inspired me to actually 'decorate' my face for Halloween. Maybe we should all try something different, sure covering your face in black extreme make-up isn't the only different thing you can do (I wanted to do it because I have never dressed up for Halloween) but it's just an example :) Sorry this isn't my normal post about how I fail at life (in a amusing way) or what I have been up to but I just wanted to say have a good time everyone, what ever you're doing :) Oh by the way, I will be posting something up very soon so watch out :)

Byyyeeee! (don't look under the bed, the bed will eat you ;) )

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