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Week Two Review | Can Hair Oils Create Healthy Hair Results?...

Week Two Review | Can Hair Oils Create Healthy Hair Results?..

The original image taken
before applying the first tube of
hair oil. My hair had just been brushed
and my fringe straightened in the morning
Previously I wrote ' Week 1 Review | Can Hair Oils Create Healthy Hair Results?... 'the first part to this post. It has been the end of the second week since I started applying hair oils to my hair to see if they really are a key thing for hair health. Sunday I will apply another tube, being the start of a third week of applying hair oils to my hair; this is what I have noticed. 

So far, I believe that the hair oils have made a difference. My hair feels thicker, softer, and has gone a lot more curly like I naturally is, without the hair cuts-feathering-that thin it out. To add, it seems to have grown a lot more. I had come home from College on a Friday, five days after applying the second tube of hair oil, and brushed my hair. The comparison? I think- as this is my hair it's a lot easier to judge- that the oils had done their magic all through the week.

The VO5 Hair Oils that I have been and am still currently
Now I definitely believe that there could be other factors to this and so would anyone else when testing out a product. Some may say such as the fact I " you sure you just need a hair cut" but here's this thing : my hair is never this thick and this wavy when needing a hair cut. Not at all. So when concerning the newly noticed thickness of my hair (which to add hasn't been this thick since I was 13,14 and 15 and afterwards ended as I got older) being influenced by the hair oils, I say yes, highly likely. I know my body better than someone else as I live in it every day, and I have certainly noticed a difference. To add, I have not changed my diet, I have the same types of foods that I always have due to my specific dietary requirements (due to my many intolerance's to certain types of foods), and same lifestyle as before starting the hair oil treatment. 

This image was taken after letting my hair dry
naturally. It looks frizzy but that's because my hair
has a habit of doing this when it dries naturally.
Last Sunday, when applying the second tube of hair oil, I managed to spread the oil through my hair, right down to the roots, meaning the oil could get to all of my hair. In comparison to the first week of applying the hair oil, which again was on a Sunday, I didn't spread it far enough throughout my hair and left it just from roots to mid way down my hair. Working right through my fairly long hair works one hundred times better.

When you look at the first picture which was taken before applying the first tube of hair oil, my hair was not sprayed or styled, I had not put anything on it, I had just gone to work in the morning and came back in the afternoon and had taken that image after brushing my hair. In the second image, I have taken the image after showering and letting my hair dry. You'll see that it looks a bit frizzy but this is normal when I have had my hair dry, as it becomes a lot softer overnight when I wake up.

I can notice myself, as it is my hair that I live with everyday, that the oils have made a difference, but is it worth buying all these products or is there another alternative? I will keep a look out.

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