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Week One Review | Can Hair Oils Create Healthy Hair Results?..

Week One Review | Can Hair Oils Create Healthy Hair Results??...: 

My hair is, what one could say, a challenge. I admit  that, yes now I am older, my hair is a lot, in fact many times better, but there's always one issue. Split ends. I have my hair trimmed on the ends and feathered every four to six weeks minimum, I brush my hair working from the bottom and am a healthy food obsessor. I am certain the amount of vegetables, protein, fruits, minerals and healthy fats in my diet are enough to sustain me; so what's the deal?

The VO5 hair oils that I have been using
Well... my Hair Dresser says my hair is thick, but isn't. It's not fine, but average and by three Hairdressers they've all said "There is a lot of hair on your head, why so much hair?". With feathering and cutting, you would think my hair would contain itself. Now the frizz factor is back, and with hair being a odd deep blonde, going into verges of ginger in some places (I had 'strawberry blonde' hair as a baby until about three years of age) and brown in others, it looks like a wavy, curly, frizzy mess :/ Even more irritating-yes, my hair does have that 'shine' that hair should have, but the ends are terrible after some time, and that got me thinking; maybe my hair needs a spa day. Hair oils, to feed my hair with nutrients and moisture.  So I went hunting, taking me seconds after remembering someone gave me hair oils, a four pack from VO5 and I never opened them.  So after my massive paragraphs about my hair, here is my review to hair oils after day one.

Week one before applying first tube of
 hair oil. Here my hair appears
rather fine and not very full.
Lets see if this changes..
The back of the pack said you must dampen hair first and "lather" the oils into your hair, after leaving the oils to heat up in the bath,sink or shower. With this oil, the instructions said to be sure NOT to exceed time for over a minute other "this product may cause irritation", a bit of a concern for me, however I left it on for roughly 30 to 40 seconds. Then came washing the product out in time to avoid the irritation; which took some time. Afterwards, I was instructed by the packet information to carry on with my shampoo/ shampoo and conditioner, but being me, I forgot to buy conditioner... um....

The night I left my hair to dry naturally, as again to try an avoid hair damage I let my hair dry naturally which takes a long time, it began to become frizzy. Once brushed, my hair became even more of a mess, standing in all angles on my head, fairly normal thing for someone who has slightly curly hair, or wavy hair, depending on everyone's individual opinions of defining curly or wavy hair. The next morning, I awoke with my hair feeling smoother than normal and looking a lot thicker, I looked in the mirror and BAM!: extremely soft, shiny waves, but guess what, I get that usually, so couldn't decipher if it was my natural hair or the oils working this. As the day progressed, I noticed my hair did indeed appear shinier, smoother and thicker, more than usual. So, did it work? Well I think it may have, yes. However I will be applying the next tube of oil Sunday same as last week and taking photographs to see if the difference is noticeable, so look out.

For now, we will just have to wait and see what this brings until my next post of this review.
Thankyou for reading,

Yours truly,

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