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Discovering The World Of Fragrance | My New & Favourite Perfumes & Fragrances

Discovering The World Of Fragrance | My New & Favourite Perfumes & Fragrances
(Photography taken by me Caris)

Hello I hope all is well. Today I have a mini review of mine, sharing my favourite and new perfumes and fragrances. Now, I am not sure if I would call myself a perfume lover. Only recently have I bothered to use perfumes apart from one which I rarely ever used. It was just because of the fact that I never wanted to or felt the need to, until I received many as gifts for my Birthday and Christmas and they smelt so nice. So here's my newly discovered and favourite perfumes and fragrances. 

DKNY Red Delicious: 
DKNY Red Delicious
(photography taken by me, Caris)
I recieved this perfume as a Christmas gift and I have to say it really does smell delicious. I love fruity flower smelling fragrances and perfumes and this one smells just like a delicious red apple; the pretty bottle being in the shape of an apple with a silver top and a touch spray dispenser. My favourite of all ny new perfumes.

I definitely recommend this for those like me who wish to have a lovely smelling perfume to wear which is not overwhelming, but a delicate scent to it, such as one of a flower or fruit extract. Just two sprays is all I think is needed with this perfume.   

Britney Spears Believe:
Britney Spears Believe
(photgraph taken by me, Caris)
 I am not normally one to buy products of the rich and famous, but this perfume smells lovely. I recieved this as a birthday gift and I really like it. It's hard to explain the way it smells, but it's a bit like something sweet like a rose or small flower.. I know an odd comparison but this perfumes scent is strong, with it being easily noticed with just one spray. Another perfume recommendation from me. A must for anyone like me who likes delicate perfumes and fragrances. One or two sprays is all I think I need because I only like to use a little perfume, otherwise too much can give me a headache.

So..? Kiss Me.
(photography by me Caris)
So...? Kiss Me: 
So...? Kiss Me eua de toilette is an old favourite of mine. You can get 30ml bottles and 50ml bottles. I managed to find my current 50ml bottle in Boots for £5.24 instead of £10.49.  It smells so so nice. The best I can describe it is sweet smelling sugary scent. It smells so delicate and doesn't have that strong chemical hint in it like many perfumes do that
I have come across, so again just a few sprays and it lasts a long time being worth the cost. Plus it smells delightful too. I recommend this it is my all time favourite and I always must have one at home.

So..? Eternal
(photography taken by me, Caris)
So...? Eternal:
From the same people who made the So...? Kiss me eua de toilette, So...? Eternal was given to me as a gift for my 18th
Birthday and it has a very sweet smell to it. It smells like a mixture of vanilla essence and plant essence and once again only a few sprays are needed. I am still becoming used to this one as it smells like a more powerful version of the So...? Kiss Me but with the difference of a hint of vanilla and plant essence.

Those are all from my small collection of fragrances and perfumes, but I would definately recommend them and why not give them a try, being sure to always use the tester to be sure you like the fragrance and perfume that you've picked up. If you have any reviews on any of the following, why not share them below. Thankyou for reading :*

Yours truly,

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