Thursday, 24 December 2015

Adding a Festive Sparkle | Festive Decoration for Your Bedroom

Adding a Festive Sparkle | Festive Decoration for Your Bedroom

My mini Fibre-Optic Christmas Tree

Hello! So I know it may already be Christmas Day for some but it's still within the hour of 11pm and despite it being very late to post Christmas things, I decided to post about my decoration idea for my bedroom, to make it more lively from its plain ivory walls.

On my birthday, the 24th November, I received a small, 30cm 'Flashing Fibre-Optic Christmas Tree' from my little brother, and I put it to use.

My finally decorated Christmas Tree
I got my tree out of the box, sorted it's branches and placed it onto its stand. Being a simple pop-on-top tree that rests on the light inside the stand, the tree had a habit to fall over, and I can say what some fun I had trying to balance it xD After this I got some small decorations, ball-balls, and a lovely red bow with a Diamond in the middle, and turned my tree on. Admiring it's glory with it's colours changing from Pink to Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple before repeating many times. I placed it on my desk and voila!  Multiple-coloured-ever-so-adorable-light-changing Fibre-Optic Christmas Tree. 

Adding a bit of a Christmas feel to my petite bedroom and it's ivory walls, the Christmas tree stands shining bright and it's coloured fibre optic strands changing like every year changes
around Christmas every year. 

I wish you all a Happy Christmas and A great New Year.

Yours Truly,

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