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A Bit About Me | Caris' Blog

A Bit About Me | Caris' Blog 

Hello! If you have read my blog posts before on both my blogs, you may have a hint of the type of person I am. But, there's not everything about myself up on my blog. Now I'm not talking about secret,top-secret things, no, but instead, some interesting things about me, or just bizarre, because hey that's what I'm like :)

I am a Performing Arts enthusiast: 
I love acting, singing and dancing (for instance my dance blog- ) I do A-Level Drama and love it. Currently myself and my class are rehearsing our final performances for our practical exam, which involves us showing an examiner our performance, and this will be in March. I have been doing dance, which consists of Ballet and Tap, for ten and a bit years, since I was seven going on eight and it was my 18th on the 24th November. I've taken part in multiple performances, including one involving advanced ballet work and point shoes which really hurt to wear I have to say.

I've taken parts in school plays, such as Arabian Nights in year 11, my last year of secondary school, and played one of the 'evil sisters', having the role to be this character but also narrate a very long performance! I've taken part in summer schools three years in a row a few years back (but im too old now to take part, oh :( ), the performances of which were Disney's versions of 'The Jungle Book' and 'Alice in Wonderland' and a performance written and created in dedication to Micheal Jackson (that's why when you play one of his songs I end up knowing all the words, five hours of singing lessons can do that to you)

Embarrassing and awkward to wear costumes are part of performing arts and I have to say, I've had some odd costume moments. For instance, the time I was expected to fit into a age 9 leotard at age 16 1/2 ...And I did have to wear it, embarrassing.. :/ In Disney's 'The Jungle Book' playing one of the vultures and having to wear face paint, thick grey men's trousers and a thick black jumper on stage 24/7, in August. As I also played the chorus, who never left the stage, I was exposed to boiling stage lights...

I've a sweet tooth:
I am a sweet tooth. I love cake and sweets. Let me explain. I am a cake lover. I love cake. Give me chocolate, I'm not that bothered and I end up leaving it in my desk's drawer in my room (looking in my drawer now, I can see some there since last month in its packet xD ) but give me cake; and I'll munch away xD  Battenburg cake is a good example. I love it soo much I have the feeling, or in fact feeling of guilt, of thinking I ate it all in two short days.. some for college, some for dinner, more for college, more for dinner, more for- oh wait It's all gone..gone!? When concerning sweets, lets just say I'll fill a tub up with sweets and keep it as a mini sweet bank in my room, hidden from hungry-sweet-craving family members.

Im a work-a-holic!:
By 'workaholic' I mean when I have work to do I just go and don't stop until I realise, 'oh it's 12pm and I'm still revising from 8.30pm..'. Yes I tend to overdo it but working hard can get good results when you put your mind to it (i.e. I somehow managed to pass Philosophy and Ethics which didn't click with my head and received a B grade for the exam alone..?)

Archer Fish. Image taken
at Sealife World, Weymouth
I love animals:
I love animals. I grew up with so many pets, such as a Giant African Land Snail called Jake. I did a 90 Credit diploma in Animal Management and Welfare and worked with so many different animals, like the amazing Archer Fish, but I decided I no longer wanted to work in the animal industry. However I still adore my pets at home; such as the mad Spaniel, Quest the Border Collie and 6 month old Border Collie puppy Gem who is growing fast.

I love to be creative and draw:
My drawing of a Ballerina off
a dance catalog
If i'm feeling creative I will draw. Unfortunately I am not the best, but drawing can be calming and helps distract from stressful life. If you ever find time where you feel like you need something to focus on and to help you stay calm, I find drawing can help. However that is my personal preference and you can do whatever you personally feel would help you best.

There you go, just a few extra things about me, hope you enjoyed this blog post and if so why not read more of my blog posts. I will be posting more on the blog soon so keep an eye out,

Yours Truly,

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