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My 2015 Holiday | Discovering The Cottage & Day 1 At Ringstead Bay Beach

My 2015 Holiday | Discovering The Cottage & Day 1 At Ringstead Bay Beach

Hello! It has been a bit over a week since I posted about setting off on my holiday in Ringstead Bay, Dorset. So here is another section to my holiday, the second section to the day I left for my holiday: My 2015 Holiday | Discovering The Cottage & Day 1 At Ringstead Bay Beach.

Ringstead Bay and it's Beach.
(Photograph taken by my Caris)
After we had arrived at the cottage and had spent the rest of our afternoon down at the Beach, we decided to return to the cottage to arrange who's bedroom was who's for the week. Walking up the steep cottage stairs that was protected by a soft, fluffy, cream carpet,  I dragged my massive suitcase behind me whilst nearly losing my balance and falling back. Once at the top of the stairs, the steepest part, a white thin wooden door came into view based to the left of the stairs. Another door came into view, same style and colour as the first, based next to the first bedroom and facing the landing rails. Chucking my suitcase down to the floor due to my arms aching with the weight, I went off to discover.

I opened the door with the thin black metal lifting latch. Opening the door and peering around the corner, a chest of drawers came into view accompanied by a blue, medium sized lamp situated to the left of the door. A part of the wall jutted outward hiding the drawers and lamp. In this part of the wall, there was a built in wardrobe with a white painted wooden door. turning away I could see a tall mirror clung to the wall facing the door. Standing there in my blue Coca-cola top, dark blue skinny jeans, leather jacket and white sneaker-style trainers, my outfit seemed to kind of go pretty well. Who would have known that the fact was I just chucked on whatever wasn't already in my suitcase that very morning. The casual look was obviously achieved without knowing. After I stopped admiring myself in the mirror (common we all do it ha ) I turned to the right walking past a window protected by blue flower curtains with a view of the wood on the right of the property. Two beds were based in the bedroom, one on the left and one on the right. The beds had on them two large white pillows and were decorated with bedding that matched the curtains; a material with a white base and small blue flowers printed on top. The exact same print as the curtains. Placed between the two beds, was a small yet very adorable looking bedside table with another lamp on top. This large white lamp based on top of the the smooth white wooden structure gave a elegant feel to the room. This bedroom gave off a comforting vibe as you entered through the door.  
Skye in the clear, calm sea.
(Photograph taken by me Caris).

Walking out of the first bedroom, I came to the second bedroom, a small room that appeared to have a modern look to it. Ivory paint covered the walls, cream carpet covering the floor and two small beds based on either side of the room, topped with white pillows and cream bedding, gave off a modern, hotel-like feel when entering the room. A bedside table was positioned between the two beds accompanied by a medium sized white lamp. A mirror hung on the wall facing a small window with blue cream curtains completed the rooms look. My little brother jumped to the second room leaving me with the first. I was fine by this as the first room to the left of the stairs, of which I had previously looked at had a large wardrobe and plenty of plug sockets to plug in my phone to charge. When you're a teenager your phone is everything to you. I need a socket to charge my phone! The second room was darker and lacked plug sockets so I jumped to the first room. After placing all my things in my room for the Holiday, I went downstairs and instantly went to figure out the WiFi and connect my phone. The kitchen appeared to have pretty much new everything. Clean cream cupboards spread along the top and bottom of the work top. A large window facing the drive up to the cottage was based to the right of the door and a small window on the left next to a cooker, also brand new, which was based next to a built in fridge and freezer.
Me and Skye (a.k.a The Crazy Spaniel) in the
cottage garden after spending the day at Ringstead Bay Beach
(Photograph taken by me Caris)

Later that evening after discovering that internet will always be an issue when staying in a cottage, setting up the TV, getting ready to finally sleep after waking at 7 that morning, I went to my bedroom to attempt to sleep. I say attempt as I struggle to sleep and some nights hardly sleep at all. However once I hit that pillow I fell asleep instantly despite the room being freezing.  

Me and the dogs (Gem Left, Quest center and Skye right)
in the cottage garden. Apologies for the bad image, my
phone is not the best unfortunately. 

After spending the first night in the cottage, I woke up to find my room was freezing! Again! Turning to where the windows were, I could see through a gap in the curtains that the windows were covered in condensation, most likely from me sleeping in the room. Then it hit me: it's the first day of my holiday!!! Once I had had my breakfast, got dressed and ready to leave, we head off to Ringstead Bay Beach for the day. The waves along the beach were cool and calm and the sound of the gentle waves hitting against the sand was very calming. The beach was partially shingle, however there were flat boulders set against the base of the small clay cliffs; placed there mainly as a defense against erosion of the soft clay cliffs the boulders made the perfect seats.
The sun beat down accompanied by a cool breeze and seagulls flying above. I went into the sea and Ringstead Bay has the nicest sea as odd as this may sound. The waves there weren't harsh like some beaches waves and the bay was a warm location to be in, with a soft breeze flowing by. The water was clear, giving vision to all the structures underneath the water. Lunch concision of chips, beans and chips; yes not very nutritious but hey I was on holiday. When the day had gone by, we head back to the cottage satisfied with the first day of the holiday :)

Sometimes the best things are the simple things. Simply visiting a small local and calm beach nearby was stress free. No travel, not fuel wasted and no need to worry about dog friendly beaches. Holidays can be one of the best times of the year.

Yours truly,
xChatty Blondex 

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