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A Few of My Favorites | Nail Art Designs and Nail Polishes to Use

 A Few of My Favourite Nail Art Designs and Nail Polishes to Use 

Hi!!! Hope you are well :) Soo, I here I am, typing this up at the moment trying to decipher which of my own nail designs I should share for all to try out of the many I have done. Here I am going to share with you just a few of my favorite nails designs that I once created, and recreated again and again including which nail polishes I used and me modelling the designs after I created them.  Hope you like them :)

Nail polishes and bits-and-bobs are great. You get to decorate your body, like you do with your face makeup, only this is more, permanent you could say and yikes I would NOT want to get nail polish on my face! You create a piece of art work on your nails and there are hundreds, in fact thousands, no millions of different nails designs you could do and heck you get to do whatever you want, whatever you feel like doing. If you want to do hearts on each nail you can do exactly that or if you want to do different emojis on each of your ten nails like I have before, which btw looks so cute, you can do that! Here are just a few of my favourite nail art designs that I did on my nails and the images of these designs after I had completed them on my hand :)

Polka-Dot Nails:

Here are my pink and white polka dot nails
which are great for a everyday look
especially in warmer weather
This is one of my favourite nail designs and you can use what ever colours look best together to do it. (Apologies for the junk behind my hand, however at the time I never knew I would be using this picture ;) ) All you need is a nail polish for the base, here it was the hot pink and a nail at pen for the polka dots, which in this case was a light silver nail pen as part of a nail set that I purchased cheap years ago. This design is simple and easy to do, however patience is a must as the dots do take their time to dry and using a glossy nail polish will make the nails look even brighter. Here's how to do this design:

  1. Apply to base colour to your nails, be sure to spread evenly across the nail, ensuring no lumps are present and that the nail polish doesn't gather.  If using a fairly thin nail polish, apply more coats once the first coat is dried to completely cover the nail.
  2. After the base colour has dried properly, start placing the polka dots in small amounts evenly spaced across the nail, as you can see in the image above. Try not to apply too much polish for each polka dot, as this will mean it'll take longer to dry. Ensure that each polka dot has enough spacing between them, as they can run into each other and this will spoil the look.
  3. Once all nails are dry, including the polka dots, cover nails with a coat of clear nail polish to give the nails a shine and make the polish last for longer. 

Crackle effect:
Crackle Nails
This look is easy to do and many do this design with so many variations, all with the use of a normal nail polish and crackle effect nail polish. This is one of my favorite designs just because it looks so cool and its simple to do. All you need is your favourite nail polish in your chosen colour for the base nail polish and a crack effect nail polish to place on top, which can be purchased in many shops or magazines, mine of which was in white and from a AVON catalog and I love it. Plus I love watching the crackle nail polish separate as it reacts with the nail polish underneath. Here's how to do this design:
  1. Start with applying your base nail polish evenly to each nail, allowing to dry before another coat if needed.
  2. Apply crackle polish to nails and watch as the polish separate when it comes in contact with the base nail polish. Don't worry about clumping the crackle polish, this design is meant to look messy so it wont matter. 
The great thing about this design is if the polish chips, just apply to crackle again and don't worry about it looking messy. Also, if your crackle nail polish is a matte one, then there's no need to apply clear nail polish as that would ruin the matte effect. 

3D Glitter Nails:

This nail design is a type of 3D nail art and is great for parties, nights out or Christmas. I recently did it on my nails i this style for a New Years Party using a set that was given to me for my Birthday a few years ago. The set consists of white nail polish for the base and white glitter to cover the nails that is placed into a plastic tray that also comes with the pack that you dip your nail into while the polish is still damp. Be sure to leave plenty of time to compete this design if you choose to do it, taken me at least an hour before! Here's how to do this design: 
Glitter nails (yep, I did send this
 to a friend because its
a great design to do)
  1. Apply base polish to each nail, be sure to start with just one hand so that the base polish doesn't dry, as this is meant to be wt to make the glitter stick to it. Be sure not to apply too much polish as this could increase the drying time.
  2. Dip each nail into the glitter or apply glitter to nail-depending on how you can d this such as what type of 3D Nail Art Set you have. By dipping the wet nail into the glitter, this allows more coverage making the nails look even better and takes less time to cover the nail with the glitter. Remove any excess glitter by tapping your fingers with the glitter-covered-nails which will shake off any excess glitter. 
  3. Once all nails have been covered with glitter and have dried, apply a coat of clear nail polish to cover the glitter and stop the rough edges of the glitter from catching onto things such as fabrics and chipping off, making the design last longer. This will also make the nails look even prettier. 
My design reminds me of the snow and so I did this design for a New Years Party as it's so pretty and creative. 

So there you go, hope you liked these designs, they are just some of my favoutire designs that I did and then took a picture of, so yes these are my own pictures  :) 

Hope you liked these and enjoyed my bad photography of my hand styling the designs on my nails. Hope to post more nail designs soon! :) Thanks!

Yours truly,


  1. You have gorgeous artistic side Caris. Utterly beautiful, also I remember you sending me that snapchat of your nails

    1. Thank you Georgie :) Yes I did send it to you :)