Sunday, 13 March 2016

About Me | Part 2: My Favourite & Newly Discovered Musicians and Their Music

About Me | Part 2: My Favourite & Newly Discovered Musicians and Their Music

Previously I posted a blog post on my favourite and newly discovered musicians and their music- About Me | My Favourite & Newly Discovered Musicians and Their Music-  and since I have developed a liking for more songs, from some artists who won awards at the 2016
Brit Awards a little while ago (unless I'm getting confused in that case just nod and ignore me haha).  Now just to add, I'm no music expert, so stay with me when I describe why I like the songs and artists; I'm afraid I just don't know musical jargon. So here they are...

Yes, I love her new song 'Hello'. The way the music flows sounds so lovely and I can't help but love this song; even if some of us may have heard it so often we've become tired of it. 

As mentioned before, Coldplay are a definite favourite, and their new song 'Hyme For The Weekend' has got me hooked. I just love the way the music sounds and the tune to it. Basically, to be frank, I just adore Coldplay; no doubt about it. :)

There you go, a few more of my favourite musicians and their songs to add to my 'favourites' list :)

Yours truly,

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