Friday, 1 July 2016

Summer Rush | Catch up

Summer Rush | Catch up

Hey, hope all is well,

Now it's been a while, well a very long while, since I've posted anything; and I'll explain why to you all following both, or one of my blogs. It appears that over the past few months, since my mock A-Level exams around April time, I've been extremely busy with revision for my first year of A-Level exams, my AS exams, which if I don't pass successfully, my chances of continuing A-Levels can be reduced because of these results that my A-Level exams will display. I've also been busy revising for my GCSE Maths re-take which is still the one exam that stresses me out the most, as unfortunately I don't find maths easy apart from the simple things.
The first one hundred or more revision cards
for Sociology, now 1/3 of the number
of cards I have after finishing the revision.

 After I had my mock A-Level exams at college, a few weeks later I had my real AS exams, which again have the ability to affect my progression onto my second year of A-Levels, and so I've been glued to revision, bit of Drama and Theatre-Doll's House is one I am glad to put away-English Language and Literature, and oh what fun I've had with good old pal William Blake and his in-depth poems, and of Fitzgerald's novel 'The Great Gatsby', which I must admit is a well structured and detailed read.
Revision for my GCSE Maths
      Alongside the majority of my revision being that of Sociology, which strikes as the most demanding subject I've ever done in my whole life and as the most horrible exam that I unluckily experienced because of my nerves getting the better of me with six questions to answer :/ And as expected, my Sociology revision sessions at home and at college ended up lasting for two straight hours of social science theory, facts, research methods and terminology, and of course social statistics; be warned, if any of you want to do A-Level Sociology this September, it's very demanding with over 30 modules to study for just one exam, so it can be easily composed the idea of me sitting on my bedroom floor complaining that my brain hurts and that I need a break but have to keep on going xD To add, I had my dance show where I was at the venue from 10 am to 10 pm, and if I was lucky with a chance to lie in bed, 11 am to 10 pm. For the show, I had to perform four shows in two days and I sure was exhausted after that with three dances and the finale to perform in. So as you can read, see, well you know what I mean, things have become kind of hectic for me; until now.

All my shoes ready and waiting
for the three separate dances I took
part in. 
Because now, I am glad to say that I will now be literally "free"-meaning not attending college for over a month, yet alas I've still another year to do, and will be posting again, including any holiday posts with a multitude of images once again with the next eight and a half weeks of summer holiday I have been given (beginning today! :) )
       Also, I am glad to say, that after a year of A-Level English Language and Literature, I am finally starting work on creative writing and ways in which different interpretations and versions of, say 'Fairy tales' -which I've been doing in lesson during these past few bridging weeks at college- can be produced and will start on my course work this summer, and no worries, I'll still be here sat in my room, with my trusty old pal 'Lenovo' laptop and lazy-day clothes typing away for hours on end.
To add to my massive catch-up for you, look out for possible fashion posts, as I have come to the conclusion that it would be interesting to add to my blog's fashion page :)

Have a great few weeks, if you're on holiday already, say just finished your exams, then well done and enjoy, and if you're still at school or college; then hang in there like I did, it'll be worth it! :)

Thank you for reading,

Yours truly,

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