Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Affordable Party Nail Polish | Affordable Nail Polish for any Occassion

Affordable Party Nail Polish | Affordable Nail Polish for any Occasion

Technic Nail Polishe for 99p each. On left 'Seashell'
and right 'Morello'

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I thought I would share two nail polish colours that I think are great for any night out or occasion when dressing to impress is key; and what better way than with very affordable nail polishes.

I purchased these Technic nail polishes from Body Care a few weeks ago for the affordable price of 99p, in a selection of colours that I just love; a metallic polish in the colour of 'Seashell', and a dark, satin-effect nail polish in 'Morello'.
   These nail polishes are not only affordable for 99p each, but are also a rich colour and great consistency when applied, meaning they would look great for any occasion, such as a party or a night out, and makes it easy to apply without the fuss to need to apply non-stop layers and layers; making them a must-purchase item.
'Here I am wearing Technic Nail Polish in 'Seashell'  

When it comes to nail polish, I am not one to be fussy about the brand. To me personally, if a brand serves me well and is a good match for me, then I will continue to appreciate it's ability, especially if a brand is cheaper and more effective than another brand;because there's nothing more worse than spending lots of money on expensive makeup and beauty brands, only to discover they don't actually do anything or are of a terrible quality. But these nail polishes however are the exception. 

Technic Nail Polish in
The nail polishes are affordable- great for a student like me who only works part-time in retail for long hours- the consistency is great, meaning you only need to apply one layer to achieve a great coverage and colour, instead of using two or three coats of polish which takes forever to dry. The nail polishes also come in a large variety of colours, meaning you can afford to pick as many a you like. I mean just imagine spending £6.00 on just one polish that holds 12ml, when you can have six 12ml nail polishes for £5.94; definitely a better deal for a beauty product that you want to keep.

Overall these polishes are a definitely a very affordable party nail polish, that's perfect for any occasion. I adore their colours and their purple tones. These polishes are also pretty versatile for a nail polish, especially for someone like me who is always busy at work where the polish could be scratched off; a very ideal characteristic wanted in any nail polish.

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