Friday, 17 February 2017

Jewellery Elegance | Affordable Jewellery with an Elegant Look

Jewellery Elegance | Affordable Jewellery with an Elegant Look

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Sagittarius star sign necklace
Today I have decided to share with you all affordable elegant jewellery that I love. I know that for special jewellery, it is usually expensive and high quality which is perfectly fine. However the jewellery I am talking about is my jewellery I wear every day and that goes with many styles of clothing; as my style of jewellery is simple yet elegant. 

When searching for a nice necklace or bracelet for every day wear, finding affordable jewellery is the best way to go as it allows you to save on spending excessive amount and so allows you to purchase more jewellery. So without further ado, here are some of my pieces of jewellery that are both affordable, but just as elegant as any other jewellery.

Gold Star Sign Sagittarius Necklace:
I got this star sign necklace of mine from Avon for £5.00 and I love it. Avon have some great pieces of jewellery and I adore their products. This is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, because it has my Sagittarius star sign as the main piece and a pearl in the middle of the bow and arrow. It also has tiny diamonds around the bow and detailing along the edges. This necklace highlights a part of me because it is my star sign and that is why I love to wear it.
Double Golden Loop Necklace

Double Golden Loop Necklace:
White and Pink Gold Triangle
duo Necklace
I purchased this necklace from H&M in their sale for the great price of £1.00. Being a very small, simple piece of jewellery this price is definitely worth it. This necklace suits so many pieces of my clothing and has been used frequently; a elegant, perfect and affordable piece of jewellery indeed.  

White and Pink Gold Triangle duo Necklace:
This necklace is a it different to my usual golden jewellery with it's pink and white colours. I purchased this necklace for just £2.00 in a H&M sale and I like the different look it has to my usual jewellery. It would be the perfect piece for spring/summer with its pastel colours. 

Diamond and Silver Chandelier

Diamond and Silver Chandelier Necklace:
This is another one of my most used necklaces, with its main feature of the necklace resembling a chandelier. It has silver chains and diamond chains in a pattern and I love the statement it gives off. I believe I purchased this necklace from H&M (yes, I'm obsessed with their jewellery because it's
affordable and is just my style) for I think £2.00; an absolute bargain!
Multi Charm Necklace:
Now this necklace is pretty cool. It was just £1.00 and came with 23 different charms which you can mix and match and swap whenever and however you like. I had to buy this necklace when I saw it, because it lets you create a huge variety of variations and styles with the multiple charms provided. The necklace can vary from silver hearts and stars with diamonds in them, to gold pieces with
diamonds, and charms with pearls on them. Their shapes include a small key, other styles of hearts, stars, half moon, dog, crown, butterfly, bows, four leaf clover, three leaf clover, a variety of circular charms in different colours and styles, and pearls.

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