Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Spring Denim Look | The Girlfriend Jean

Spring Denim Look | The Girlfriend Jean

My Girlfriend Jeans paired with White Ribbed Sleeveless
 Turtle Neck top, black belt, grey Bat Wing Over
Sized Cardigan, and grey Trainers. 


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It has occurred to me over the past few days, that we are finally past miserable Winter and into Spring! And with the promise of sunnier days and beautiful budding flowers just over the horizon, I thought that today I would share with you all one of my favourite Spring outfits that I've been dying to wear and post about: my Demin Girlfriend Jean look that is perfect for warmer-than-winter Spring weather🌅 
Jeans are something that are timeless, with their use spanning back many years and yet they still continue to be a key fashion item today. You name it, denim dresses, demin shirts, denim jackets and of course probably one of the most used clothing item ever: denim jeans; an item I always wear which can make you look casual, glam or chick. 

So, my current favourite denim jeans right now are the 'Girlfriend Jean'. This style of jean can also be found in 'Boyfriend Jean' style as well, and are a throwback to our previous 90's fashion, such as with our loose over sized jeans now know as 'Boyfriend' or 'Girlfriend' Jeans, and our high neck tank tops. I cannot get enough of my 'Girlfriend Jeans'. I just love their over sized look, with their turned up ankles that I am also obsessed with right now; and the ripped and patch work design placed on the front. And the best part is that due to their over-sized style, these jeans are extremely comfortable to wear, which is an important feature of any fashion item in my wardrobe. 
Grey, Over-sized Bat-Wing Over Sized Cardigan paired with this outfit. 

I purchased these jeans in the sale for £11.99 reduced from £24.99 which I am happy I did, because they are a definite fashion best buy that's very affordable for a high street fashion item- especially in comparison to more pricey high street retailers.
   The Girlfriend Jean definitely achieves a laid-back, casual vibe, but is a versatile fashion item which can be paired with a variety of items to achieve multiple looks. I really mean it, these jeans are versatile.  

For a casual, daytime outfit, I pair the jeans with my black belt, my white Ribbed Sleeveless Turtle Neck top (an essential for all fashion I swear), grey Bat-Wing Over Sized Cardigan, and grey trainers to complete my look. This outfit is my favourite with the casual, chilled  feel it radiates. I also wear my Black Daisy Print Halter top tucked into the jeans for even more of a laid back look.
   To achieve a more grungy, chick look, I also pair these jeans with my black Cut-Out Shoulder Tank Top, my black belt, black Leather Jacket, and my black Chunky Chelsea Heeled Boots; a look that really did live in the 90's. 

White, Ribbed Sleeveless Turtle Neck Top also paired with this outfit.

It's clear that I just love the 90's look right now; the 'Girlfriend Jean' and the Halter, High Neck/ Turtle Neck Sleeveless Tops. These jean are also great, because they suit all body shapes whilst providing a lot of comfort when worn. I can say that for a person with long legs, high hips and wide rib cage, that this style really does flatter and radiates a chilled vibe.

The best part is these 'Girl Friend' jeans also look great around Autumn. So if you want to purchase this item, go on, do it, because I have had my eyes on these jeans for a while, and when I saw them on sale for such a great price, I couldn't help but snatch them up. 

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