Tuesday, 21 March 2017

🌅 Springtime Photography | Capturing Spring in Full Bloom 🌅

🌅 Springtime Photography | Capturing Spring in Full Bloom 🌅


Hope all is well,

This post today features my photography of Spring. Spring is my favourite time of year and it fills me with a sense of calm. The weather is always bearable for someone like me who dies once it hits 10 degrees or more, as it's not too cold with the sunshine keeping me warm, and not too hot, with the breeze blowing past you. To convey my love of Spring to you all even more, the one thing that really makes my day, is just walking outside either to work or college and hearing the Blackbirds and Finches singing away; Spring fills me with joy.

So here are just a few of my photographs taken by me on my phone, whilst out and about in the changing season in both natural environments, around urban areas, such as on the train on the way to Oxford or the spider web on the railings. These photographs are my original content and have not been copied from anyone or anywhere else. 

Enjoy  🌅 😊

Thank you for reading,

Caris 😄

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