Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Spring into Denim | Demin A-Line Zip Skirt

Spring into Denim | A-line Demin Zip Skirt 


Hope all is well,
My A-line Denim Zip Skirt paired with Diamond and Silver Chandelier Necklace,
 Long Sleeved Split-Back Rustic Orange Top, black 
tights and Black Chelsea Boots

With Spring here with it's warm sunshine, flowers blooming and birds singing, I have decided to share yet another favourite demin item for the ideal Spring Outfit: the Denim A-Line Zip Skirt.

I purchased this skirt on sale for just £7.00 after searching some time for a denim skirt and came across this one.
   Denim is currently a large trend right now, especially for Spring, and its clear to see why why. It's been around for years so is easy to come across, it's comfortable, and extremely versatile to style; meaning this Denim A-line Zip Skirt is the perfect item for any wardrobe.

I paired my Denim A-line Zip Skirt with my Chandelier Gold and Silver Necklace, Long Sleeved Split-Back Rustic Orange Top, black tights and Black Chelsea Boots for a laid back look. To stylise this outfit even more, I also pair my High-Heeled Black Chelsea Boots to give this look a chic vibe.
My Diamond and Silver Chandelier Necklace paired with
 this outfit.
   To add, this Denim Zip A-Line Skirt can also be worn throughout the seasons, with tights in colder months, or paired with a short or non sleeved top and skin tights or no tights during the hot summer months; it's an extremely versatile item of clothing to have 😊

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