Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Summer Essential | Black Tie Waist Culottes

 Summer Essential | Black Tie Waist Culottes

 Hello to all my lovely followers and visitors to my blog ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Today's post is about one of my more adventurous clothing items, my Black Tie Waist Culottes. Now, I love Culottes. They are just so different from your usual trousers and their quirky vibe they present is something I love; making your outfit look individual and different. And individuality is something I view as very important, especially when expressing it through fashion choices like I make every day.

So let me introduce you to my very individualistic Black Tie Waist Culottes that I adore so much! I purchased my Black Tie Waist Culottes from Quiz for an amazing £9.99, one of my favourite brands for more individual or higher fashion clothing items, such as for occasions, and I just love them.  

Culottes are on trend at the moment this Summer in the fashion industry and I can see why, with the edgy look they give off and the versatility of the look, I wear my Culottes for both nights out or special occasions. I pair my Black Tie Waist Culottes with my White Key Hole Crop Top, Open Toe, Chunky Heels, Black Leather Jacket and Black Bag for nights out or special occasions; and my White Key Hole Crop Top, Black Loafers (which I am obsessed with), Black Bag and Black Leather Jacket during the day for a comfy edgy look. The best part is that because the leg is so wide, they are so cool and comfortable to wear in the summer.

There is just something so enhancing for your confidence when wearing Culottes, likely the different style they possess in comparison to common, contemporary styles, but whatever it is I feel so good wearing my culottes day or night. I think one great characteristic is that they're simple but different, so you can mix them with anything you want, something I definitely noticed in London for the
weekend with friends in June.
It was when I went to London with friends to celebrate finishing A-Level exams, that I wore these Black Tie Waist Culottes for the first time, after feeling too shy to wear them previously and because it wasn't Summer; so I packed them in my suitcase as a outfit for going out for a meal with my friends in London. When wearing them, two of my friends complimented me on my Tie Waist Culottes, which was nice as it helped me feel more confident than I did about them.
   And the next day on Oxford Street, in London, this girl I didn't know approached me, also a Culotte fan wearing a Burgundy Culotte
Jumpsuit and white trainers (which looked so nice) asked where I got my Culottes from and complimented me on them before walking off again. This made my day, as a complete stranger loved my Tie Waist Culottes so much she wanted to know where they were from ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
And I kid you not, Culottes where everywhere in London that weekend! It was like a Culotte fashion show.
However, I did not plan to wear them during the day with my brogues, and my discovery of the daytime outfit was basically an accident when I forgot to pack another top for the weekend, as I had to take the one intended for the last day the day I drove to Oxford to get the bus because my previous top's button broke ๐Ÿ˜’ So long story short, I chucked on my Tie Waist Culottes with my White Key Hole Crop Top, Black Loathers and Black Bag and Black Leather Jacket and it actually looked pretty good as I kept admiring myself in London's shop windows. And I am glad that top broke, because otherwise I never would have discovered the daytime Tie Waist Culotte look nor received the compliment that I did that sunny weekend in London.

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Caris  ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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