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| Embrace Who You Are |

 | Embrace Who You Are |  

Hello my lovely followers and visitors to my blog 😊

Feel free to laugh at these photos because I am expressing my true
self to the world, well the world and internet as a weird one at
times who in this photo had just laughed at themself for being weird
doing silly poses as I felt awkward dong my photon shoot for my bog post so
started messing around-which is truly what I am like 
Recently it has occurred to me watching different You tube videos, reading different blogs and magazines that many people, mainly women do not express their natural hair and let it run wild. And whilst I myself have let my hair do its own thing, (mainly as I'm too lazy in the mornings ) alongside a bit of help from myself in terms of straightening my fringe so that it doesn't cover my eyes and stick up like it does in the morning -think of a lion main and then you'll get the image of my hair in its 'true' form in the morning-, I have noticed that as time goes by and the less I touch it, the more it's natural curl is more defined and the easier it is to get ready in the mornings due to only touching the top part of my hair when I get ready. And this makes me feel good about myself; expressing my self and loving myself for who I am.

I hear and talk to many people who say they "hate" their natural hair because it's too wild or too curly or too frizzy to deal with. And whatever the reason I always think to myself; why don't we all accept ourselves, become happier within and go about life not caring what others think about us because we're happy about who we are as individuals.
 And this example leads me onto my intentions for this blog post today, the issue of so many of us not embracing who we are and accepting ourselves for who we truly are. I can think of so many times in my life when I was a young teenager and still getting to know who I am that I really didn't like myself. I mean it, I would criticise myself for everything!  And unfortunately society seems to encourage this criticism in the media, in our lives and it even appears ingrained into our human nature. For instance, adverts would portray models with slender waists and thigh gaps and 'perfect' skin and I would just compare myself as the 16 year old Caris who didn't like who she was. And unfortunately I still see this today and hear others compare themselves to these 'ideals' in society.

Recently I have been thinking about things, about myself and my goals for life, and one thing that I want to express to everyone in the hope I can help anyone who struggles to love who they are, whatever your reason I am not judging, I want to highlight something that rings loud and clear in my mind: you must be happy in life and happy within yourself no matter what anyone else thinks; because you are important and only you can truly make yourself feel this way. In the past, the way others have treated me has lead me to believe I should't be myself or like myself for who I am. This has occurred through bullying I have experienced from those I thought I could trust, but instead who turned against me because I was different to them and because I thought differently to them. I am glad to say now I have found friends who I feel I fit in with, be it the topics I can discuss to our personalities and general heck-do-it attitude that has helped us push ourselves to achieve better. But I only felt I fit in when I became happy with who I am and adopted my current motto of "be yourself no matter what anyone thinks because you are amazing". Today I feel happy to be me, and happy to go through life trying not to worry about things unless it really is necessary; even when I have days where my emotions make me feel angry and unhappy with who I am. Because expressing yourself takes time that only you can develop into life mottos through your experiences.

P.S. enjoy this very embarrassing photo of me which shouts to the world my
personality: an absolute weird one at times who in this photo felt awkward doing
a photo shoot, yes I am admitting this, and so I decided to make it humorous haha
And I know that I may not truly understand the experiences others may face towards understanding themselves, we are all different individuals experiencing life in so many ways we could not compare ourselves to one another; but I just wanted to say in this post today, that I want everyone to express themselves however they please, be it through your amazing fashion sense, your makeup slaying skills or your personality lighting up conversations when you enter the room. Be it your blogs like those I am inspired by on Bloglovin with bloggers truly expressing themselves to the world. Because I have spoken to so many people who are afraid to be themselves, afraid to express themselves, such as those who criticise themselves from their hair, their body, just everything. I want to emphasise that we all deserve happiness and deserve to feel great for who we are, in our own way and in our own time. So express yourself, find out new things bout yourself that allow you to express your personality, such as how I have through blogging for three years which has enabled me to express my interests in fashion, beauty an travel to so many people; that in turn, makes me happy to be me.

Thank you for reading, I hope this was helpful and an insight to others the way I feel we should all be ,

Yours truly,

Caris  😊

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